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Layers of Fear Achievements

Full list of Layers of Fear achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Layers of Fear has 52 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A piece of the story A piece of the story 0 You collected a piece of the story 5
Something important Something important 0 You collected an item 5
Face your fears Face your fears 0 You saw the enemy and failed 25
Refuse to look Refuse to look 0 You avoided your enemy 25
Another perspective Another perspective 0 You found something to hold it back 25
The whole story The whole story 0 You earned all achievements 125
It's covered up for a reason It's covered up for a reason 0 You got working on your Magnum Opus 5
The artist’s impression The artist’s impression 0 You collected a rat sketch 5
You might have a problem You might have a problem 0 You gathered 12 drawings of the rodents 25
Scraps of love Scraps of love 0 You found a memento of your family 5
Immortalized in my heart Immortalized in my heart 0 You gathered 12 family mementos 25
Whispers long forgotten Whispers long forgotten 0 You gathered 42 whisper items 5
It was worth a try It was worth a try 0 You dialed 911 5
Instinct of self-preservation Instinct of self-preservation 0 You heeded the warning 5
Wanderer Wanderer 0 You took a thousand steps 5
Finished it Finished it 0 You finished the Magnum Opus 50
Letting go Letting go 0 You broke out of the loop 5
Lights, Camera, Action! Lights, Camera, Action! 0 You began shooting your movie 5
Debut Debut 0 You found your first movie poster 5
Body of Work Body of Work 0 You brought 11 movie posters to your cabin 25
A Slice of Life A Slice of Life 0 You found your first photo slide 5
A Mosaic of Misery A Mosaic of Misery 0 You viewed 8 photo slides in your cabin 25
Sound Bite Sound Bite 0 You used the phonograph 5
Full Scoop Full Scoop 0 You listened to 4 phonograph interviews 25
Fisherman Fisherman 0 You spotted something through spyglass 5
The Perfect Storm The Perfect Storm 0 You sent out an SOS 5
Rocket Science Rocket Science 0 You journeyed through space without hitting a single obstacle 5
In One Take In One Take 0 You got through the set without getting caught in the lights 5
Se7en Seas Se7en Seas 0 You saved all the lost souls 25
We Are Not Alone We Are Not Alone 0 You brought 3 mysterious items to your cabin 50
You Can’t Handle the Truth You Can’t Handle the Truth 0 You decrypted a mysterious item 25
Casting Finished Casting Finished 0 You made the final decision 50
I remember It Like Was Yesterday I remember It Like Was Yesterday 0 You recalled 6 of your childhood memories 5
The Big Picture The Big Picture 0 You assembled all the puzzle pieces 25
Preferred Parent Preferred Parent 0 You stuck to one parent’s side through the entirety of the quarrel vision 5
Sword of the Serpent Sword of the Serpent 0 You slayed the evil serpent roaming the land of the fables 5
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time 0 You watched the entire Little Red Riding Hood story 5
The Tree and the Apple The Tree and the Apple 0 You discovered your true inheritance 50
First steps First steps 0 You made the first step towards freedom 5
Breaking free Breaking free 0 You broke the first chain 5
A new way A new way 0 You lived through the third conversation 25
Playtime Playtime 0 You lived through the second conversation 5
Something to think about Something to think about 0 You collected 11 items 25
Sign of weakness Sign of weakness 0 You destroyed one of the objects with light 10
The art of movement The art of movement 0 You made the mannequin play 10
Do what you have to Do what you have to 0 You found something to hold her back 25
Heavy Burden Heavy Burden 0 You went through the Hypnotic Maze 25
True Reflection True Reflection 0 You completed Writer’s Story 50
Inheritance Inheritance 0 You got your inheritance 25
Dark correspondence Dark correspondence 0 You collected 32 notes 25
Tough conversation Tough conversation 0 You lived through the first conversation 5
The tragedy unfolds The tragedy unfolds 0 You saw the end of Musician’s story 50