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Nova Lands Achievements

Full list of Nova Lands achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Nova Lands has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Industrial Progress Industrial Progress 0 Produce your first Steel 15
Sticks to Computers Sticks to Computers 0 Produce your first Computer Module 15
A Fancy Calculator A Fancy Calculator 0 Produce your first Supercomputer 30
Hyper Math Hyper Math 0 Produce your first Hypercomputer 90
Industrial Life Industrial Life 0 Produce 50 Steel 15
We Steel Need More We Steel Need More 0 Produce 1.000 Steel 30
Will of Steel Will of Steel 0 Produce 10.000 Steel 90
The First Beast: Moschillar The First Beast: Moschillar 0 Defeat or befriend the Moschillar 30
The Second Beast: Drameleon The Second Beast: Drameleon 0 Defeat or befriend the Drameleon 30
The Third Beast: Tunasa The Third Beast: Tunasa 0 Defeat or befriend the Tunasa 30
Curious Explorer Curious Explorer 0 Discover 7 islands 30
The Automation Starts The Automation Starts 0 Connect a bot to a bot antenna 15
Anthill Anthill 0 Have 40 bots working at the same time 30
Special Knowledge Special Knowledge 0 Complete the tech tree on the Research Processor 100
You Look Amazing You Look Amazing 0 Unlock 25 skins 30
Knowledge Archive Knowledge Archive 0 Complete the museum 90
A big step for mankind A big step for mankind 0 Start a spacewalk 30
Home Owner Home Owner 0 Unlock the player’s house 30
Catch’Em All Catch’Em All 0 Capture a creature 15
Hanging Out With The Aliens Hanging Out With The Aliens 0 Visit the space station 30
So Shiny So Shiny 0 Craft a Diamond Dash 90

Secret Achievements

I Found The Developers I Found The Developers 0 Collect the dev skins 15
Comfy Flight Comfy Flight 0 Mount a Moschy 90
Targets Found Targets Found 0 Shoot all Armando’s targets 30