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Jusant Achievements

Full list of Jusant achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Jusant has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Avid reader Avid reader 0 Read all letters. 90
Final ascent Final ascent 0 Read all of Bianca's journal entries. 90
Sound archeologist Sound archeologist 0 Listen to all shells. 90
Cycle celebration Cycle celebration 0 Turn all altars. 90
Antique gallery manager Antique gallery manager 0 Activate all frescos. 90
Common ground Common ground 0 Complete all cairns. 90
First contact First contact 0 Read a letter. 20
Back in motion Back in motion 0 Turn an altar. 20
An ear to the past An ear to the past 0 Listen to a shell. 20
First stone First stone 0 Complete a cairn. 20
Echo from the past Echo from the past 0 Activate a fresco. 20
Water piper Water piper 0 Complete the game. 100
Bogeychoco Bogeychoco 0 Scare more than 10 chocos back to their burrow. 30
Adventure buddies Adventure buddies 0 Hug the ballast. 20
Restored connection Restored connection 0 Hug the ballast 20 times. 30
Collective climb Collective climb 0 Stop 25 pebbles with a single echo from the ballast. 30
Awakened memory Awakened memory 0 Use the echo on a frozen ballast in the crater. 30

Secret Achievements

Angel's carabiner Angel's carabiner 0 Place a piton at the top of a wall run. 30
Acrobat Acrobat 0 Complete more than 200 jumps or double jumps in a game. 30
Fresh air Fresh air 0 Restore your stamina more than 50 times while climbing. 30
A faint glimmer A faint glimmer 0 Hold the ballast tight in the crater. 30