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Placid Plastic Duck Simulator Achievements

Full list of Placid Plastic Duck Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Three is company Three is company 0 Get a third rubber duck (first collection only) 25
Private pool Private pool 0 The slide is cool, I am cooler 25
High-rise High-rise 0 Going up to the top with the elevator 25
Catch a flight Catch a flight 0 No ticket needed, I'm not going anywhere 25
Cruise ship Cruise ship 0 A fun thing I'll never do again 25
Ducks adrift Ducks adrift 0 Around the world 25
Duck invasion Duck invasion 0 Get a twentieth rubber duck (first collection only) 25
On fire On fire 0 I'm a torch but life goes on 25
Quacking the ice Quacking the ice 0 Enough floating, let’s skate 25
Fun-fun-funicular Fun-fun-funicular 0 Up we go again 25
Abducktion Abducktion 0 Aliens abducted me, I'll send a postcard 25
Beeline Beeline 0 I just want to be around you 25
Firequackers Firequackers 0 Celebrate good times 25
Magnetic feel Magnetic feel 0 You make me feel like I am whole again 25
That's all, ducks! That's all, ducks! 0 Get all the ducks, enjoy life (first collection only) 25
Watery help Watery help 0 The fire is under control 50
Hide and Seek Hide and Seek 0 I'm the keeper of the secret art 50
Hot tub Hot tub 0 How warm and cozy up here 50
Sailin' on Sailin' on 0 So I'm sailing, yeah, I'm sailing on 100

Secret Achievements

Family pond Family pond 0 Just me and the ducklings 25
Way to the shore Way to the shore 0 Gone exploring, I'll be right back 25
Putting challenge Putting challenge 0 Ball is in: Pool 25
Campfire simulator Campfire simulator 0 I like playing in the outer wilds 25
Floatpiercer Floatpiercer 0 Go to sleep with the fishes 25
Off-piste ski Off-piste ski 0 Back at the lodge with my friends 50
Scoring challenge Scoring challenge 0 Puck is in: Goal 100
Paranormal activity Paranormal activity 0 What does a scanner see? 100