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Dex Achievements

Full list of Dex achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dex has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Dex Dex 0 Completed the game 100
I am invincible! I am invincible! 0 Showed THE Armagear hacker who's boss 20
New circle New circle 0 Helped an old man off the street 25
Hackers and children first Hackers and children first 0 Didn't leave anyone behind 15
Back to the kitchen Back to the kitchen 0 Rescued Shen 25
The tranquil The tranquil 0 Found Soto 20
Bad Cop, Cyber Cop Bad Cop, Cyber Cop 0 Bested a war machine 35
Papers please! Papers please! 0 Exposed Crash's identity to the world 50
Assassin Assassin 0 Performed 20 Takedowns in a single playthrough 30
Sniper Sniper 0 Performed a headshot 10
Silver-tongued Silver-tongued 0 Successfully used the Convince option in a dialog 20
Lock, stock and barrel Lock, stock and barrel 0 Picked 10 locks 20
Anti-terrorist Anti-terrorist 0 Neutralized the TruBody gang 20
Thug Thug 0 Reached level 5 10
Mercenary Mercenary 0 Reached level 10 20
Runner Runner 0 Reached level 15 30
Light 'em up Light 'em up 0 Acquired the laser gun 20
Cyborg Cyborg 0 Installed 7 implants 50
Professional Professional 0 Maximized a Major skill to level 6 50
Software Engineer Software Engineer 0 Upgraded a software to its maximum level 50
Collector Collector 0 Sold all the antiques to Hank 50
Gods of Beauty Gods of Beauty 0 Opened the safe in the Aphrodite 25
From Prague with love From Prague with love 0 Opened the safe on the Eclipse 25
Out with the old Out with the old 0 Met the new BiofarmTech receptionist 20

Secret Achievements

Tricks of the trade Tricks of the trade 0 Had a taste of all the 'professionals' 30
Happy ending Happy ending 0 Reunited ill-fated lovers 50
Twice beaten, twice shy Twice beaten, twice shy 0 Defeated an old acquaintance for the second time 35
PTSD PTSD 0 Forced Mitchell to confront his past 50
Farewell-we-miss-you Farewell-we-miss-you 0 Opened Ellie's eyes 50
Haven't you been busy? Haven't you been busy? 0 Met the original 25
Ready-Set-Energo! Ready-Set-Energo! 0 Drank more than 10 Energo Colas 10
Elevator pitch Elevator pitch 0 Got crushed by an elevator 10