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Car Detailing Simulator Achievements

Full list of Car Detailing Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Car Detailing Simulator has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Daddy brush Daddy brush 0 Use wide brush 20
Baby brush Baby brush 0 Use soft brush 20
How thin is skin How thin is skin 0 Use paint meter 20
Light in the darkness Light in the darkness 0 Use flashlight 20
Sponge no squarepants Sponge no squarepants 0 Use sponge 20
Dunk the trash Dunk the trash 0 Use trash can 20
It's all about the details It's all about the details 0 Use small brush 20
Scratch like a DJ Scratch like a DJ 0 Use sandpaper 20
It starts here It starts here 0 Finish tutorial 20
That was just a warm-up That was just a warm-up 0 Finish game 100
Good start Good start 0 Wash 1 car 20
Detailing apprentice Detailing apprentice 0 Wash 10 cars 20
Detailing master Detailing master 0 Wash 50 cars 70
Detailing god Detailing god 0 Wash 100 cars 20
Are you still here? Are you still here? 0 Long session 20
Pressure washer enthusiast Pressure washer enthusiast 0 Pressure washer time 20
Long time no see Long time no see 0 Open photo memory 20
Raphael Raphael 0 Find turtle 20
Status Status 0 Get 2 reputation level 20
Prestige Prestige 0 Get 5 reputation level 20
Get rich or die tryin' Get rich or die tryin' 0 Make 100000 money 20
First tool kit First tool kit 0 Buy first toolkit 20
Tools of trade Tools of trade 0 Buy all toolkits 70
Shred in your shed Shred in your shed 0 Buy shed car 20
Welcome home Welcome home 0 Buy garage 20
Who cares anyway? Who cares anyway? 0 Return dirty car 20
You have no idea what you are doing You have no idea what you are doing 0 Sell car with lower price 20
Bodylicious Bodylicious 0 Buy body toolkit 20
Wheels of steel Wheels of steel 0 Buy wheel toolkit 20
Interior is important Interior is important 0 Buy interior toolkit 20
Man in the mirror Man in the mirror 0 Buy window toolkit 20
Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond 0 Buy finish toolkit 20
Backstreet seats Backstreet seats 0 Buy seat toolkit 20
Meet the detailing family Meet the detailing family 0 See credits 20
It's showtime! It's showtime! 0 Buy auto salon 20
Snap! Snap! 0 Take photo 20