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Wild Card Football Achievements

Full list of Wild Card Football achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wild Card Football has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

In your face! In your face! 0 Win your first game 15
Talk to the hand Talk to the hand 0 Perform 30 Stiff Arms 15
I'm a bit on a rush I'm a bit on a rush 0 Perform 30 Sacks 15
Showoff Showoff 0 Perform 15 Touchdown Dives 15
The apple of my eye The apple of my eye 0 Increase a player's overall to the maximum 15
My squad is better than yours My squad is better than yours 0 Increase your team's overall to 90 or more 90
Playing by the rules Playing by the rules 0 Create a Playbook from scratch 15
A pinch of stravaganzza A pinch of stravaganzza 0 Create a Wild Card deck from scratch 15
Can't touch this Can't touch this 0 Perform 50 successful Jukes 15
You are doing amazing, sweetie You are doing amazing, sweetie 0 Perform 15 successful Jukes as a Passer 15
Is that for me? Is that for me? 0 Perform 30 perfect Handoffs 15
Breaking Through Breaking Through 0 Win the Blocking minigames 30 times 15
Sweet ball of mine Sweet ball of mine 0 Perform 30 Interceptions 15
Getting started Getting started 0 Collect 200 cards 15
Damn, you are hardcore! Damn, you are hardcore! 0 Recover an Onside Kick 15
Like a popsicle Like a popsicle 0 Use Fresh Breath to freeze 10 players in the same Down 15
Master of suspense Master of suspense 0 Tackle the Ball Carrier when he is 5 yards or less from the Goal Line using your last defender 30
I'm always angry I'm always angry 0 Take down 7 players using the Smash Wild Card in the same Down 15
Golden Feet Golden Feet 0 Score a Field Goal being 50 yards away from the Goal Line 30
High Ambitions High Ambitions 0 Win 50 games 30
Defeat was never an option Defeat was never an option 0 Win 100 games 100
Humble collection Humble collection 0 Collect 500 cards 30
Blood and tears Blood and tears 0 Win a Season Final 30
The path of Glory The path of Glory 0 Win 5 Season Finals 90
Well, that’s a come back Well, that’s a come back 0 Win a game you were losing with a difference of 14 points 30
Slap Champion Slap Champion 0 Perform 50 Swats 30
Gotta get 'em all! Gotta get 'em all! 0 Collect 1000 cards 90
Tour Paladin Tour Paladin 0 Complete your first Tour Tree 30

Secret Achievements

Cannon Biceps Cannon Biceps 0 Complete a Pass of 50 yards 15
Someone stop that man! Someone stop that man! 0 Gain 50 yards in a Run Play 15
King of retaliation King of retaliation 0 Intercept the ball, cause a Turnover and perform a Touchdown 15
It happened so fast… It happened so fast… 0 Receive a Kickoff and perform a Touchdown on the same Down 15
Clash of titans Clash of titans 0 Use a Special Wild Card to neutralize another Special Wild Card 15
Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind 0 Sack a QB carrying the ball with a Twister Wild Card 15
Friends from outer space Friends from outer space 0 Use the Tractor Beam Wild Card to stop your opponent's offensive 15
Starman Starman 0 Tackle the Ball Carrier with a Rocketman Wild Card 15
Aiming for the Nobel Aiming for the Nobel 0 Using the Premium Score Wild Card score 9 points in the same Offense 30