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Iron Danger Achievements

Full list of Iron Danger achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Iron Danger has 23 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Shard First Shard 0 You found the first Shard poking through your chest. 25
Death is Merely a Setback Death is Merely a Setback 0 Die 100 times. 25
Mushroom Forager Mushroom Forager 0 Collect 30 mushrooms. 25
Berry Nice Berry Nice 0 Collect 20 berries. 25
Keyu Exterminator Keyu Exterminator 0 Kill 30 keyus. 25
Champion of Kalevala Champion of Kalevala 0 Defeat 100 enemies. 25
Tastes Like Chicken Tastes Like Chicken 0 Eat roosterfish roasted over campfire. 25
Big Fish Big Fish 0 Kill the alpha Roosterfish in the temple under Rimfeden. 50
Trolled Trolled 0 Take a troll into the Northlander camp. 100
Good Stew Good Stew 0 Find and read the recipe in Kalevala. 100
Green Thumb Green Thumb 0 Grow stealth grass 20 times. 25
Troll Hunter Troll Hunter 0 Hunt down and slay all of the trolls in Bleakshore. 100
Knock, Knock! Knock, Knock! 0 Destroy all three gates leading into the Northlander camp. 50

Secret Achievements

Found the Healer Found the Healer 0 You found the fabled Healer of Brumehead. 25
Second Shard Second Shard 0 You found the second Shard and feel the nature's call. 25
Third Shard Third Shard 0 You found the third Shard, and it makes you shiver. 25
Fourth Shard Fourth Shard 0 You found the fourth Shard, and it eases your pain. 25
Fifth Shard Fifth Shard 0 You found the fifth Shard. Your enemies tremble before you. 25
Finished Iron Danger Finished Iron Danger 0 You successfully completed Iron Danger. Congratulations! 100
Avian Veterinarian Avian Veterinarian 0 You healed the wounded Tyrannogrouse. 50
Bird Butcherer Bird Butcherer 0 You put the Tyrannogrouse out of its misery. 25
Ring of Fire! Ring of Fire! 0 Use Earthquake while boosted by fire. 50
Natural Selection Natural Selection 0 Blow yourself up by shooting explosive arrow while on fire. 50