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Cats and the Other Lives Achievements

Full list of Cats and the Other Lives achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cats and the Other Lives has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

A Wholesome Remembrance A Wholesome Remembrance 0 Unlock all Memories. Completed. 35
Cat’s Cradle Cat’s Cradle 0 Sleep for the first time. Completed. 15
Lunch Time Lunch Time 0 Eat for the first time. Completed. 15
The Circle is Complete The Circle is Complete 0 Unlock every other Achievement. Completed. 15
First Day First Day 0 Complete the First Chapter. Completed. 15
Second Day Second Day 0 Complete the Second Chapter. Completed. 15
Third Day Third Day 0 Complete the Third Chapter. Completed. 35
Old Habits Die Hard Old Habits Die Hard 0 Kill the Mouse. Completed. 70
Just a Game Just a Game 0 Spare the Mouse. Completed. 35
Kids, for the Last Time Kids, for the Last Time 0 Visit the kids for the last time. Completed. 15
The White Feather The White Feather 0 Successfully attack the Alpha Crow. Completed. 35
This is the End This is the End 0 Complete the game. Completed. 80
The Aaru Tablet The Aaru Tablet 0 Obtain the Aaru Tablet. Completed. 35
The Deed The Deed 0 Obtain the Aaru Deed. Completed. 35
Jaws of the Alligator Jaws of the Alligator 0 Locate Bernard’s Lighter in the Trophy Room. Completed. 35
Fool Me Twice Fool Me Twice 0 Fool Will for two times. Completed. 70
A Haunted Christmas A Haunted Christmas 0 Locate and deliver all the gifts to the children. Completed. 35
Back from the Underworld Back from the Underworld 0 Save Liam. Completed. 35
Released from the Usurper Released from the Usurper 0 Destroy the Madame Leonora Flyer. Completed. 70
Don’t F*ck with Cats Don’t F*ck with Cats 0 Escape from the Animal Control Vehicle. Completed. 70
A Voice from Beyond the Grave A Voice from Beyond the Grave 0 Make Dawn listen to Bernard’s Tape. Completed. 35
Specters of Guilt Specters of Guilt 0 Make Shannon confess about Thomas. Completed. 15
Create Your Own Murray Create Your Own Murray 0 Learn about Murray’s past. Completed. 35
Scratch-Foo Scratch-Foo 0 Scratch objects for 20 times. Completed. 35
Curiosity Scared the Cat Curiosity Scared the Cat 0 Follow Lorrie to the end of the dark corridor. Completed. 15
Scarecrow Scarecrow 0 Scare 8 crows. Completed. 35
All that remains… All that remains… 0 Unlock 5 Memories. Completed. 35
Enemy of the Puddle Enemy of the Puddle 0 Pat the water puddle 3 times. Completed. 15
This Man Smells Funny This Man Smells Funny 0 Harass the Mortician 2 times. Completed. 15