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Little Goody Two Shoes Achievements

Full list of Little Goody Two Shoes achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Little Goody Two Shoes has 40 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Nightly Whisper Nightly Whisper 0 Find a Golden Maiden. 20
Bathed in Gold Bathed in Gold 0 Uncover the truth of the Golden Maidens. 30
Maid-of-all-work Maid-of-all-work 0 Get an S rank on all chores. 20
Helping Hand Helping Hand 0 Bring Rozenmarine along for a chore. 20
Budding Love Budding Love 0 Achieve one heart with someone. 20
Flowering Romance Flowering Romance 0 Achieve five hearts with someone. 20
Fatal Blow Fatal Blow 0 Perish from low health. 20
Blackout Blackout 0 Perish from low fullness. 20
Phantasmagoria Phantasmagoria 0 Perish from low sanity. 20
Petty Cash Petty Cash 0 Spend 500 tiffle. 20
Star Briber Star Briber 0 Successfully bribe Muffy for a whole week. 50
Little Goody Two Shoes Little Goody Two Shoes 0 Earn all achievements. 0

Secret Achievements

Fated Encounter Fated Encounter 0 Discover the "thief" inside the granary. 20
An Old Hag's Tale An Old Hag's Tale 0 Listen to the Old Hag's story. 20
Carrier of Life Carrier of Life 0 Find the Basket in the Witch Woods. 20
Sigil of the Crow Sigil of the Crow 0 Receive the Crow's curse. 20
Mari Lwyd Mari Lwyd 0 Escape the Mari Lwyd's wrath. 30
Broken Shackles Broken Shackles 0 Save Apfel from the Crow Woods. 20
The Tender Flesh The Tender Flesh 0 Prevail against the Crow. 30
Sigil of the Serpent Sigil of the Serpent 0 Receive the Snake's curse. 20
All Eyes on Me All Eyes on Me 0 Divert the villagers' suspicions away from you. 20
Sunken Avantesma Sunken Avantesma 0 Defeat the Avantesma. 30
The Sweetest Nectar The Sweetest Nectar 0 Prevail against the Snake. 30
Walpurgisnacht Walpurgisnacht 0 Attend the Walpurgis Festival. 20
Canto X Canto X 0 Find your way out of the Demon Woods. 20
Moira Moira 0 Sacrifice Rozenmarine. 50
Treacherous Rose Treacherous Rose 0 Sacrifice Freya. 30
Kiss of Judas Kiss of Judas 0 Sacrifice Lebkuchen. 30
Expiation Expiation 0 Sacrifice yourself for your beloved. 20
Star-crossed Star-crossed 0 Bear witness to Elise and Rozenmarine's fate. 30
Grape Jewel Grape Jewel 0 Bear witness to Elise and Freya's fate. 30
Bells of Dawn Bells of Dawn 0 Bear witness to Elise and Lebkuchen's fate. 30
The Kiss The Kiss 0 Become one with Rozenmarine. 20
Auto-da-fé Auto-da-fé 0 Watch Elise's final punishment. 20
Motherly Cocoon Motherly Cocoon 0 Succumb to the Witch's desire. 20
Apostasy Apostasy 0 Uncover Father Hans' sinister plot. 20
Das Ende Das Ende 0 Watch all endings. 50
Full Bloom of the Heart Full Bloom of the Heart 0 Max out one relationship. The future seems bright for Elise and her beloved. 50
Forsaken Forsaken 0 Get tried for witchcraft. 20
Cunning Lies Cunning Lies 0 Cover for Rozenmarine. 20