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EA Sports UFC 5 Achievements

Full list of EA Sports UFC 5 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

EA Sports UFC 5 has 31 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Slice vs. Dreads Slice vs. Dreads 0 Enter the Backyard in Career Mode. 15
Showtime Showtime 0 Start your Contender Series Training Camp in Career Mode. 25
No Rizz No Rizz 0 Get your first UFC Contract in Career Mode. 50
You Have My Attention You Have My Attention 0 Unlock a challenge during Fight Week. 35
Easy Work Easy Work 0 Unlock all challenges during a Fight Week. 50
Nerrrd Nerrrd 0 Achieve an A Grade in a Training Drill in Career Mode. 35
Look At Me Now Look At Me Now 0 Become a ranked fighter in any UFC weightclass in Career Mode. 50
What Could Go Wrong? What Could Go Wrong? 0 Make picks for a Fight Week. 15
Position Over Submission Position Over Submission 0 Release a Submission to advance your position. 35
Just Bleed Just Bleed 0 Have a Doctor enter the cage to check out a cut. 15
Spinning Shh... Spinning Shh... 0 Land a spinning attack on your opponent. 15
Headshot...Bang! Headshot...Bang! 0 Knockout an opponent on the same side they are damaged on. 15
The Best There Is The Best There Is 0 Upgrade a move during a fight or training in Career Mode. 35
The Best There Was The Best There Was 0 Prestige a move in Career Mode. 50
Shape Shifter Shape Shifter 0 Acquire an Alter Ego Fighter. 15
The Best There Ever Will Be The Best There Ever Will Be 0 Become the GOAT in Career Mode. 50
Relentless Relentless 0 Finish a fight by ground and pound. 35
You Either Win or Learn You Either Win or Learn 0 Finish a fight by choke submission. 35
Joint Venture Joint Venture 0 Finish a fight by Joint Submission. 35
Come Back to Bed Come Back to Bed 0 Perform 5 successful takedowns in a fight. 35
Fine Collection Fine Collection 0 Acquire a Legendary Item. 50
Let me Tell You a Secret Let me Tell You a Secret 0 KO your opponent from clinch. 15
Don't Judge Me Don't Judge Me 0 Edit all categories from your Player Card. 25
I Did That I Did That 0 Equip 5 accolades in your Player Card. 35
Pound for Pound Pound for Pound 0 Prestige a fighter in Online Career. 50
Road to Gold Road to Gold 0 Start a season in Online Career. 15
Never Skip Leg Day Never Skip Leg Day 0 Upgrade a fighter in Online Career. 15
A Quick Round A Quick Round 0 Enter a Blitz Battle. 15
Blitz Battler Blitz Battler 0 Get to Round 3 of a Blitz Battle. 50
Block This Block This 0 Use a Guard Breaking strike to break your opponents block. 35
And Still And Still 0 Become champion and defend the title once in Ranked Championship or Online Career. 50