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Long Gone Days Achievements

Full list of Long Gone Days achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Long Gone Days has 44 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Inner Core Inner Core 0 Found a mysterious room at the bottom floor 20
Tech Support Tech Support 0 Upgraded a weapon for the first time 10
Hello World Hello World 0 Reached the surface for the very first time 10
First Aid Delivery First Aid Delivery 0 Delivered all of the bandages 10
Can't Hear You! Can't Hear You! 0 Lied your way out 10
Lost Raven Lost Raven 0 Heard some rumors about Sgt. Faye 10
Good Samaritans Good Samaritans 0 Lynn and Ivan joined your party 10
Hidden in Plain Sight Hidden in Plain Sight 0 Asked Ivan to translate the letter 10
Quotidian Angel Quotidian Angel 0 Rescued as many animals as possible 10
Victimless Crime Victimless Crime 0 Got something from Astromart 10
Sleepless Sleepless 0 Went straight to bed 10
Black Cat Black Cat 0 Spent some time watching old cartoons 20
Inventory Control Inventory Control 0 Got everyhing in order 20
Top Chef Top Chef 0 Cooked some perfect cutlets 20
Ticket to Nowhere Ticket to Nowhere 0 Got scammed 10
Overtime Overtime 0 Took 3 photos for a GS News reporter 10
Why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you? 0 Didn't pet the dog 10
First Come, Fist Served First Come, Fist Served 0 Nice argument, but have you considered this? 10
Newspaper Collector Newspaper Collector 0 Collected lots of newspapers 20
Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert! 0 Found the secret code at the Warehouse 10
Memories Memories 0 Inspected the photo in Sylwia's room 10
Promised Land Promised Land 0 Made plans with Lynn to visit a buffet 10
Paws and Claws Paws and Claws 0 Found who stole Adair's gloves 10
Impromptu Impromptu 0 Played some improvised jazz 10
Living Under a Rock Living Under a Rock 0 Learned about Pascal's past 20
Bravado Bravado 0 Learned about Atiye's concerns 20
Outsider Art Outsider Art 0 Drew your very own sign 10
Insomnia Insomnia 0 Talked to Adair instead of sleeping 10
The Art of Persuasion The Art of Persuasion 0 Showed your true convictions 90

Secret Achievements

Dissolve Dissolve 0 Defeated Lt. Gareth 10
Welcome to Kiel Welcome to Kiel 0 Reached the northernmost state of Germany 10
News Flash! News Flash! 0 Atiye joined your party 10
Glossophobia Glossophobia 0 Gave a cringe-worthy speech 10
Dissipate Dissipate 0 Defeated Mathias 10
Pandora Pandora 0 Collaborated with Weber 90
All Roads All Roads 0 Found Leonid in Kiel 20
Incognito Incognito 0 Pascal joined your party 10
Wilt Wilt 0 Defeated Sgt. Branna 10
Welcome to Warsaw Welcome to Warsaw 0 Reached the largest city in Poland 10
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance 0 Found the secret weapon prototype 90
Reflections Reflections 0 Convinced Sgt. Coyle to help you 90
Melt Melt 0 Defeated Sgt. Coyle 10
The Afterglow The Afterglow 0 The Core has fallen! 90
Fighting for a Lost Cause Fighting for a Lost Cause 0 Things didn't go as planned... 90