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Pizza Possum Achievements

Full list of Pizza Possum achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Pizza Possum has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Stuffed! Stuffed! 0 Collected 30,000 points worth of food 100
2 Fast 2 Delicious 2 Fast 2 Delicious 0 Unlocked your first item 25
Big Haul Big Haul 0 Unlocked every item in the game 100
Smoky Flavour Smoky Flavour 0 Unlocked the smoke bomb 25
Mozarella and Toma-thief Mozarella and Toma-thief 0 Gobbled up the caprese salad 50
Gigantic Nothing Gigantic Nothing 0 Ate Bella Chonki's gigantic pizza 50
Inchompetence Inchompetence 0 Had 4 guards chasing you at the same time 100
Culinary Exploration Culinary Exploration 0 Visited every region on the island 50
Triple Hot Dog Triple Hot Dog 0 Stunned three guards at once 100
Give me your Chippies! Give me your Chippies! 0 Chased an NPC halfway across the island 100
Royal Appetite Royal Appetite 0 Collected a crown from Bella 50
Kingdom Kingdom 0 Earned two crowns 50
Impossumble Impossumble 0 Robbed Bella of her delicious pizza three times 100
Zeppolicious! Zeppolicious! 0 Found all Zeppole on the island 100