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Torn Away Achievements

Full list of Torn Away achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Torn Away has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Torn away Torn away 0 Complete home chapter. Completed. 15
Father`s message Father`s message 0 Read the first letter. Completed. 15
No turning back No turning back 0 Go to the end of the roof. Completed. 30
Letter in a dugout Letter in a dugout 0 Translate the diary in the hut. Completed. 30
Almost Alice Almost Alice 0 Take the beets for the hare. Completed. 15
Keep your head down Keep your head down 0 Don't get caught by a soldier with a flashlight. Completed. 100
Kind soul Kind soul 0 Feed the mouse. Completed. 30
The war is war The war is war 0 Leave rusks to yourself. Completed. 15
Mother and child Mother and child 0 Read the diary of a Jewish woman. Completed. 30
Unexpected guests Unexpected guests 0 Escape from the hut the first time. Completed. 100
All by herself All by herself 0 Complete the mother chapter. Completed. 15
First aid First aid 0 Bandage the pilot's wound. Completed. 15
Igor's sacrifice Igor's sacrifice 0 Escape from the pursuers. Completed. 15
Today without dinner Today without dinner 0 Never get caught by wolves. Completed. 30
The past is in the past The past is in the past 0 Tear off the patch OST. Completed. 15
People like you People like you 0 Get to know German children better. Completed. 15
Frau's kindness Frau's kindness 0 Find a new home. Completed. 15
Book is the best friend Book is the best friend 0 See all the books in Frau's house. Completed. 30
There's only one left There's only one left 0 Peel all the potatoes. Completed. 15
Safe now Safe now 0 Find the hat a second time. Completed. 15
No more fun No more fun 0 Try to jump on the bed. Completed. 30
Dear friend Dear friend 0 Sew a mitten without mistakes. Completed. 15
Daddy's pride Daddy's pride 0 Fold the paper boat. Completed. 30
Blinded enemy Blinded enemy 0 Have time to run in the shadows. Completed. 30
Michael 's heroism Michael 's heroism 0 Read the prisoner's letter. Completed. 15
Flit away again Flit away again 0 Scare away the butterflies. Completed. 15
Born under a lucky star Born under a lucky star 0 Go through the front without a single scratch. Completed. 100
Baby in the woods Baby in the woods 0 Get lost in the trenches. Completed. 100
Sveta's care Sveta's care 0 Get out of the battlefield. Completed. 15
Nothing to hide Nothing to hide 0 Tell only the truth during interrogation. Completed. 30
Memory in your pocket Memory in your pocket 0 Collect all diary entries. Completed. 15
Old man's hopes Old man's hopes 0 Listen to old sir. Completed. 15
Homecoming Homecoming 0 Get to your native village. Completed. 15
Connected Connected 0 Complete the story. Completed. 15