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Re.Surs Achievements

Full list of Re.Surs achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Re.Surs has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Wake up, Detective Wake up, Detective 0 Remember how it all started 10
Failed Raid Failed Raid 0 Defeat Criminal Boss 10
Who is that Sorcerer? Who is that Sorcerer? 0 Survive the first encounter with the Sorcerer 10
Unexpected meeting Unexpected meeting 0 Basil joins Detective's side 10
Big mouth Big mouth 0 Find out that the Sorcerer is going to the Nexus Tower 10
Lost Highway Lost Highway 0 Get back to Modern-City alive 10
Future enemy of the people Future enemy of the people 0 Tell about the danger for Modern-City in Reception Hall 10
Alpha and Omega Alpha and Omega 0 Get access to the service elevator in the Nexus Tower Labs 30
L for Lambda Lab L for Lambda Lab 0 Reach the Main Laboratory 30
Pyramid Raider Pyramid Raider 0 Meet with Helga Hoft 30
Elusive Jessie Elusive Jessie 0 Don't get caught on surveillance cameras in Saxara-City 30
Face to face Face to face 0 Meet the Unknown One for the first time 30
Mystical pyramid Mystical pyramid 0 Enter the pyramid 30
An ancient evil has (not) been awakened... An ancient evil has (not) been awakened... 0 Defeat Proto.Demon 30
The dustbin of history The dustbin of history 0 Basil agreed to play a police bait 30
No laughing matter No laughing matter 0 Defeat Bittersweetus 30
Heroes in a half shell Heroes in a half shell 0 Get into the underground canals of Modern-City 30
Anti-Spider-Man Anti-Spider-Man 0 Defeat Proto.MechSpider 30
Uninvited guest Uninvited guest 0 Meet the Unknown One in the Re.Serv World 30
Re.Serv World…Connecting People Re.Serv World…Connecting People 0 Detective is reunited with her companions 30
And here is the Beta! And here is the Beta! 0 Get access to the secret laboratory of Nexus Tower 30
The party is over! The party is over! 0 The Sorcerer is defeated. But the source of Re.Surs is now with him 60
Hotter than hell Hotter than hell 0 Teleport to the Underworld 60
Detective the Demon Slayer Detective the Demon Slayer 0 Defeat Proto.Master 60
Rest time, Detective Rest time, Detective 0 Remember how it ended 60
Over 9000! Over 9000! 0 "Do you like hurting demons..?" 90
Heroes Never Die...Kinda. Heroes Never Die...Kinda. 0 "You can't die, it's only in your brain..." 90
(Not!) a punching bag (Not!) a punching bag 0 "You are tough cookies..!" 90