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Obliteracers Achievements

Full list of Obliteracers achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Obliteracers has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Victim First Victim 0 Take out your first victim 50
Intergalactic Hotshot Intergalactic Hotshot 0 Take out 1000 racers 100
Wrong Way Wrath Wrong Way Wrath 0 Take out 250 racers while driving backwards 100
Close Call Close Call 0 Barbecue a bot racer carrying an armed Arc Zapper 50
Making Friends Making Friends 0 Join an online match 50
Catch The Wave Catch The Wave 0 Take out eight racers at once with the Shockwave 50
Road Spill Road Spill 0 Take out eight racers at once with Space Lube 50
Hardcore Survivor Hardcore Survivor 0 Win every round in a Survival match 50
Handbrake Happy Handbrake Happy 0 Perform a 720 while drifting 50
Ungracious Host Ungracious Host 0 Host and win an online match 100
360 Dunk 360 Dunk 0 Perform a 360 mid-air and stomp a victim on the landing 100
Big Boss Of Mayhem Big Boss Of Mayhem 0 Earn all bombs in career mode 200

Secret Achievements

Cheating Death Cheating Death 0 Absorb five pickups in a single round 50