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Life of Delta Achievements

Full list of Life of Delta achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Life of Delta has 22 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

WHERE IS JOE? WHERE IS JOE? 0 Find out what happened to him. 30
GET OUT OF THE HOUSE GET OUT OF THE HOUSE 0 Charge Delta's batteries and get ouf of the house. 30
GET THE FLAG GET THE FLAG 0 Get the flag for the trader, so he can give you a ride to the nearby village. 30
SPIDER LIKES SHINY THINGS SPIDER LIKES SHINY THINGS 0 Make a shiny crystal for the spider. 30
BRING FRED BACK TO LIFE BRING FRED BACK TO LIFE 0 Fred is out of power, and there are glitches in his software. 30
CURE THE CHEMIST’S COW CURE THE CHEMIST’S COW 0 Cure the Chemist's cow by mixing one of the potion maker’s potions. 30
GET THE MISSING PARTS GET THE MISSING PARTS 0 Collect all missing parts needed for repairing the flying ship. 30
REPAIR THE FLYING SHIP REPAIR THE FLYING SHIP 0 Use the newly found items to repair the Drifter’s old ship. 30
DETECTIVE TIME DETECTIVE TIME 0 Let's gather some information about Joe. 30
LOCATE THE ARMY BASE LOCATE THE ARMY BASE 0 We need to find Joe's location. 30
THE ESCAPE THE ESCAPE 0 We need to get out of the police compound. 30
COOKING TIME COOKING TIME 0 Prepare all sushi sets. 50
A FRIEND IN NEED A FRIEND IN NEED 0 Save the cooking robot. 50
NEW BAND MEMBER NEW BAND MEMBER 0 Get the cleaning robot to join the band. 50
JAMMING JAMMING 0 Help the performer with his music video by playing the song correctly. 50
GET INSIDE THE ARMY BASE GET INSIDE THE ARMY BASE 0 Find a way to get inside the army base. 50
LOCATE JOE LOCATE JOE 0 Find out where are they keeping Joe inside the army base. 50
OVERLOAD THE REACTOR OVERLOAD THE REACTOR 0 Overload the reactor according to the human's instructions. 50
GET THE CUBE GET THE CUBE 0 In order to use the integrated power console, we need to find an experimental cube-shaped battery. 80
CHARGE THE CUBE CHARGE THE CUBE 0 We've got the cube, great. Now we need to charge it somehow. 80
BRING DOWN THE SYSTEM BRING DOWN THE SYSTEM 0 Insert the virus infected USB stick to the computer mainframe and help Joe escape. 80
FIX THE HUMAN FIX THE HUMAN 0 Human's leg is damaged. We need to patch him up. 80