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Syberia 3 Achievements

Full list of Syberia 3 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 40 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

One flew over the nut-job's nest One flew over the nut-job's nest 0 You proved that you're not suffering from any secondary effects despite an… impartial diagnosis. 30
Crime and punishment Crime and punishment 0 You convinced an old sea wolf to try to redeem himself, in a single conversation. 25
Lobbyist Lobbyist 0 You got the town of Valsembor to give in. 25
I am legend I am legend 0 In a single conversation, you touched the hardened heart of a survivor. 40
The Valsembor horror The Valsembor horror 0 Different people told you a truly sinister local legend… 25
Valsemborgate Valsemborgate 0 Your research has enabled you to learn about the region's dark past for yourself. 10
Cassandra Cassandra 0 Maybe the next time the clinic staff will deign to listen to you… 25
Tripping Tripping 0 You restored a temple of entertainment to its former glory, and did yourself a big favor, too! 15
The scriptwriter's nightmare The scriptwriter's nightmare 0 5 times your thirst for exploration let you influence the progress of the game. 50
Grumpy old... Grumpy old... 0 You were rebuffed three times by the same character. 10
A little tenderness, maybe...? A little tenderness, maybe...? 0 Three times your signs of affection made someone happy. 25
You call that cheating...? You call that cheating...? 0 You've observed 15 points of interest in items in your inventory. 10
Time to collect your thoughts Time to collect your thoughts 0 You decided to think twice before speaking. 10
Martingale Martingale 0 Through your research, you obtained and used an irrefutable argument during a verbal joust. 30
Friends for life Friends for life 0 At least you won't be on your own while you are convalescing… 20
Brave… in good time! Brave… in good time! 0 The mayor proved to you that he has the courage of his convictions… 15
A word to the wise… A word to the wise… 0 You found what was needed the first time round. 15
Master locksmith Master locksmith 0 You got a perfect copy on the first try. 15
Ice breaker Ice breaker 0 You crossed the ice floe without stalling a single time. 60
Raiders of the lost temple Raiders of the lost temple 0 You opened the doors of a ruin with fewer than 20 manipulations. 40
Mobile communication Mobile communication 0 You communicated with a really strange machine without ever putting out the fire you lit beforehand. 20

Secret Achievements

This sure ain't Kansas This sure ain't Kansas 0 You came round in a really strange institution… 10
Respect for protocol Respect for protocol 0 You managed to leave the clinic's psychiatric ward. 15
No time to lose! No time to lose! 0 You fled the clinic and saved the tribe from great peril. 25
The castle The castle 0 You've reached Valsembor despite your pursuer… and the red tape! 25
Steiner family Steiner family 0 You and the Youkols can count on new allies in Valsembor. 25
Mechanical awakening Mechanical awakening 0 Your efforts have restored a mechanical masterpiece to working order. 35
20,000 leagues under the lake 20,000 leagues under the lake 0 You took the plunge for the good of the migration… 25
Colonel, are you receiving me? Over. Colonel, are you receiving me? Over. 0 You showed the soldiers that cunning is always better than force. 15
The long goodbye The long goodbye 0 You enabled the Youkol migration to set off again. 50
We're going to need a bigger boat We're going to need a bigger boat 0 The redemption of a great sailor saved you from a legendary assailant. 25
XZ2000... 2.0 XZ2000... 2.0 0 You took the advice of an injured ally. 30
The Community of the ostrich The Community of the ostrich 0 Your alliance with an automaton and the tribe has let you move mountains… Or a ferry, at any rate. 25
I is somebody else I is somebody else 0 Admit it: you didn't see that one coming… 15
O spirits, are you there? O spirits, are you there? 0 The spirits have given you their blessing… and quite a trip! 25
What counts is not the destination… What counts is not the destination… 0 You've completed this part of your journey… But what does the future hold in store for you? 75
Anything goes Anything goes 0 You set off a strange migratory mechanism without being asked to do a thing… 20
Turning the tables Turning the tables 0 Admit you like it… 15
Available brainwidth Available brainwidth 0 You've preserved an ally's cultural integrity… 15
Ironic, ain't it? Ironic, ain't it? 0 Admit you've wanted to ever since you left Valadilène… 15