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PERISH Achievements

Full list of PERISH achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

PERISH has 63 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Initiate's Resolve Initiate's Resolve 0 Survive the Orphic Temple 15
Reign in Blood Reign in Blood 0 Survive the Temple of the Nekromanteion 15
Immolator Immolator 0 Survive the Euxine Gorge 15
Ophiolatreia Ophiolatreia 0 Survive Ophion's Labyrinth 15
Halls of Marble Halls of Marble 0 Survive the Trajan Palace 15
Forged in Fire Forged in Fire 0 Survive the Foundry of Hephaestus 15
Baby Crabs They Ain't Baby Crabs They Ain't 0 Survive the Thalassian Fissure 15
Rock and a Hard Place Rock and a Hard Place 0 Survive the Maelstrom of Charybdis 15
Persephone's Guidance Persephone's Guidance 0 Light the Four Braziers in the Orphic Temple 15
Lochos Lochos 0 Survive the Orphic Temple Arena 15
Strength of Herakles Strength of Herakles 0 Defeat the Orphic Champion 15
Eidola Eidola 0 Release the Tormented from their Cages 15
The Sons of Minos The Sons of Minos 0 Slay the Minotauroi 15
Symbols of Heresy Symbols of Heresy 0 Raze the Temple to the Ground 15
Siege Unit Siege Unit 0 Rebuild and Fire the Ballista 15
Divine Assemblage Divine Assemblage 0 Rebuild and Survive the Lodestone 15
Sisters of the Pantheon Sisters of the Pantheon 0 Charge the Sarcophagus 15
Labour of Apollo Labour of Apollo 0 Defeat Python 15
First Fragment First Fragment 0 Rebuild the Shattered Bridge 15
Hapax Legomenon Hapax Legomenon 0 Survive the Arena in the Trajan Palace 15
Cloaca Maxima Cloaca Maxima 0 Drain the Sewer in the Trajan Palace 15
Vandili Vandili 0 Ransack the Trajan Palace 15
Veneration of Hephaestus Veneration of Hephaestus 0 Work the Crucible and Place the Statue 15
Biotechnology Biotechnology 0 Reconstruct and Reanimate Talos 15
The Archimedes Principle The Archimedes Principle 0 Recover the Pearls and Raise the Statue 15
Rites at Sea Rites at Sea 0 Escort the Procession and Complete the Ritual 15
No Scylla in Sight No Scylla in Sight 0 Survive the Run through the Maelstrom of Charybdis 15
Don't Pay the Ferryman Don't Pay the Ferryman 0 Survive Charon's Trireme 15
Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity 0 Defeat the Kathorao 15
Comedy and Tragedy Comedy and Tragedy 0 Defeat Deimos and Phobos 15
Wayward Son of Hephaestus Wayward Son of Hephaestus 0 Defeat Kakos the Fire Sentinel 15
Lament of the Constellations Lament of the Constellations 0 Defeat the Karkinos 15
Olympian Olympian 0 Complete the Apollo Rite 15
Debauchery Debauchery 0 Complete the Dionysus Rite 15
Blessing of Spring Blessing of Spring 0 Complete the Persephone Rite 15
Mors Omnibus Mors Omnibus 0 Kill 500 Athanatoi 15
Invicta Invicta 0 Kill 1000 Athanatoi 15
Scrap Metal Scrap Metal 0 Kill 100 Kourai 15
Elephantine Elephantine 0 Kill 50 Cyclopes 15
Blot Out the Sky Blot Out the Sky 0 Kill 50 Furies 15
Serpentine Serpentine 0 Kill 50 Ophidians 15
Interrupt the Interloper Interrupt the Interloper 0 Defeat the Kathorao 10 Times 15
Chitinous Chitinous 0 Kill 100 Kavouraki 15
Modest Earnings Modest Earnings 0 Bank 1000 Danake 15
War Chest War Chest 0 Bank 5000 Danake 15
Chthonic Investor Chthonic Investor 0 Bank 10,000 Danake 15
The Midas Touch The Midas Touch 0 Bank 50,000 Danake 15
Athenian Treasury Athenian Treasury 0 Bank 100,000 Danake 15
To Suffer is to Learn To Suffer is to Learn 0 Fail a Journey to Elysium 15
Pyr Demon Pyr Demon 0 Detonate with the Detonation Crown 15
Rule of Thirds Rule of Thirds 0 Survive Charon's Isle 15
Close Shut the Doors Close Shut the Doors 0 Reach Tartaros 15
Nectar of Eternity Nectar of Eternity 0 Reach Elysium 15
Window Shopping Window Shopping 0 Unlock all Items 15
Buyer's Remorse Buyer's Remorse 0 Purchase Every Item in the Shop 15
Hipparchia's Labour Hipparchia's Labour 0 Find all the Orphic Fragments 70
Armaments of the Pantheon Armaments of the Pantheon 0 Purchase your First Weapon 15
Library of Alexandria Library of Alexandria 0 Complete the Codex 15
The Nameless One The Nameless One 0 Perish in the Ruins of Tartaros 15
Oblivion Oblivion 0 Earn your Place in the Elysian Fields 15
Go For the Head Go For the Head 0 Kick 1 Athanatos and Dispatch with a Headshot 15
Spartan Sandal Spartan Sandal 0 Kick 1 Athanatos off a Ledge 15
Missilis Missilis 0 Kill 1 Athanatos with a Dagger 15