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UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER - The Feast of the Wolves Achievements

Full list of UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER - The Feast of the Wolves achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER - The Feast of the Wolves has 30 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Technology first! Technology first! 0 Even a new age robot needs a little help. 10
The Legend The Legend 0 Space is full of surprises. 10
First Contact First Contact 0 Koji, even without a weapon, is still a legend. 20
The Vega Turtle The Vega Turtle 0 The first of many, for sure. 30
The Interstellar Fighter The Interstellar Fighter 0 He won't take Earth lying down anymore. 40
The Space Hydra The Space Hydra 0 Things got a bit too spiky for it. 40
Saucer Beast Unchained Saucer Beast Unchained 0 With Grendizer's help, Earth will be freed from its chains. 50
The Flying Octopus The Flying Octopus 0 Looks like it has legged it. 50
The Fire Cannons The Fire Cannons 0 Vega probably hasn't heard of David and Goliath. 40
Strength in Defeat Strength in Defeat 0 Duke Fleed will always rise again. 10
The Ultimate Attack The Ultimate Attack 0 The thunder from space resounds... and Vega trembles. 10
The Battle Axe The Battle Axe 0 If it's buried anywhere, it will be in the remains of a Saucer Beast. 10
Iron Fist Iron Fist 0 The only language Vega understands. 10
Life of Pi Life of Pi 0 It's good to remember what you're fighting for. 10
The Remains of Fleed The Remains of Fleed 0 The remains of Fleed must not end up in the clutches of the Vega. 10
A Good Paint Job A Good Paint Job 0 Fleedians also have a sense of style. 10
You can't fool me! You can't fool me! 0 Grendizer may be strong, but he's also agile. 20
The Collector The Collector 0 Earth's resources must be used with respect and sparingly. 20
The Royal Guard The Royal Guard 0 At the Feast of the Wolves, there's no dessert. 80
The Exterminator The Exterminator 0 Will the Vega ever run out of machines? 20
A Land of Peace A Land of Peace 0 These places are worth fighting for. 20
Earth's Savior Earth's Savior 0 Remember, every action counts. 20
Gold Seeker Gold Seeker 0 Perhaps one day these treasures will be used to rebuild Fleed. 30
The Broken Guard The Broken Guard 0 Not many can boast such a trophy. 30
The Planner The Planner 0 Crucial information to discover the invaders' weaknesses. 80
The Completionist The Completionist 0 Isn't Grendizer as much an Earthling as a Fleedian now? 100
The Power of Friendship The Power of Friendship 0 It's important to help your friends out. 80

Secret Achievements

Escape from Fleed Escape from Fleed 0 You have survived the destruction of Fleed. 10
The Keeper of Fleed The Keeper of Fleed 0 You have rewritten the history of Fleed. 50
Vengeance of the Wolf Vengeance of the Wolf 0 The Vega never stood a chance. 80