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Truck & Logistics Simulator Achievements

Full list of Truck & Logistics Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Truck & Logistics Simulator has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Try Before Buy Try Before Buy 0 Test drive a vehicle 20
Make it Mine Make it Mine 0 Customise a vehicle 20
Ready for Convoys Ready for Convoys 0 Purchase convoy equipment for a vehicle 20
Like new Like new 0 Repair a vehicle 20
A little hand please A little hand please 0 Recover a vehicle 20
Gas Guzzler Gas Guzzler 0 Ran out of fuel 20
King of the road King of the road 0 Drive a Truck / Rigid Truck 20
Gotta be on Time Gotta be on Time 0 Reach speed of over 160km/h in a Truck 25
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 Reach speed over 220km/h 30
Lightspeed Lightspeed 0 Reach speed over 280km/h 35
Enjoying the view Enjoying the view 0 Reach the highest point of the map 20
Property Damage Property Damage 0 Break 100 street lights in the environment 25
Vacation Time Vacation Time 0 Jumped to the cruise ship 30
Getting Started Getting Started 0 Earned 50,000 in missions 20
Business is booming Business is booming 0 Earned 250,000 in missions 25
Best in the Business Best in the Business 0 Earned 1 million in missions 30
Millionaire Millionaire 0 Have 1 million in the bank account 35
Getting familiar Getting familiar 0 Travelled 25km in missions 15
Knowing your way around Knowing your way around 0 Travelled 100km in missions 20
Don’t need GPS anymore Don’t need GPS anymore 0 Travelled 500km in missions 25
Slow and Steady Slow and Steady 0 Load cargo using a Forklift 30
Precision is key Precision is key 0 Load cargo using a Skid steer loader 30
One bucket at a time One bucket at a time 0 Load cargo using a Wheel loader 30
Not too high Not too high 0 Load cargo using a Telescopic Handler 30
One by one One by one 0 Drive a car onto a Car Transporter Trailer 30
Clean drive Clean drive 0 Completed a mission with 0% damage 40
Just a scratch Just a scratch 0 Completed a mission with damage between 50% - 100% 25
Complete waste Complete waste 0 Completed a mission with 100% damage 15
Endurance driver Endurance driver 0 Completed a mission that's longer than 9km 20
Follow me Follow me 0 Start a convoy escort mission 20
Convoy driver Convoy driver 0 Join a mission invite in multiplayer 20
Heavy Duty Heavy Duty 0 Deliver cargo that's heavier than 20 tonnes 30
Just let me drive Just let me drive 0 Skipped Loading in a mission 20
What could this be? What could this be? 0 Collect 1 golden pallet 30
Treasure Hunt Continues Treasure Hunt Continues 0 Collect 25 golden pallets 55
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Collect all golden pallets 100