The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - The Dark Brotherhood Achievements

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Bethesda Game Studios

There are 6 achievements with a total of 220 points.

Bane of the Gold Coast Bane of the Gold Coast 0 Complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Bane of the Gold Coast. 100
First Blood First Blood 0 Join the Dark Brotherhood and complete the "Voices in the Dark" quest. 20
Silencer Silencer 0 Complete the "Filling the Void" Dark Brotherhood quest in the Gold Coast. 30
Litany of Blood Litany of Blood 0 Execute all targets listed in the Litany of Blood and collect your reward. 20
Flawless Sacrament Flawless Sacrament 0 Complete each achievement associated with the Speaker's Black Sacrament contracts. 20
Gold Coast Connections Gold Coast Connections 0 Aid each of the notable figures recently arrived on the Gold Coast. 30

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