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Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Achievements

Full list of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Bad Jade Bad Jade 0 The police fined you twice 20
K-Bups Catcher K-Bups Catcher 0 You grabbed the K-Bups from Woof 20
Olden Times Olden Times 0 You took a photo in sepia mode 20
Alpha Sectioned Out Alpha Sectioned Out 0 You completed all Alpha Section areas 30
Speedy Jade Speedy Jade 0 You completed your first Speedrun 80
Into Appearances Into Appearances 0 You obtained all customization items 30
Yo Pearl Pro Yo Pearl Pro 0 You broke Issam's Yo Pearl record 30
Lucky Number 13 Lucky Number 13 0 You won the pallet game, got Mdisk 13, and read it 30
Surrounded by Stars Surrounded by Stars 0 You piloted the spaceship to the moon 20
Beyond Good & Evil Beyond Good & Evil 0 You completed the game 80
Ok, let's go! Ok, let's go! 0 You powered up the Hovercraft 20
A Helping Heart A Helping Heart 0 You saved a companion during combat 20
Avid Hillyan Reader Avid Hillyan Reader 0 You subscribed to all Hillyan newspapers 20
I Spy System 3? I Spy System 3? 0 You took a picture of a constellation 20
Familiar Bloodsucker Familiar Bloodsucker 0 You took a picture of the mosquito AEDES RAYMANIS 30
Racing Champion Racing Champion 0 You've scored 1st place in all 4 hovercraft races 30
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 You've chased down all 4 Looters 30
Big Heart Big Heart 0 You've got 13 hearts for Jade's HP 20
Wildlife Photographer Wildlife Photographer 0 You've taked 6 film rolls of animal photos 30
Data Manager Data Manager 0 You've collected 18 Mdisks 20
Pearl-fection Pearl-fection 0 You've found 88 pearls 30
Besting Peepers Besting Peepers 0 You've won 3 times in the coconut shell game against Peepers 20
Gambling Queen Gambling Queen 0 You've won 3 times in the pallet game against Francis (except Tutorial) 20
Heart Giver Heart Giver 0 You gave a PA 1 to a companion 20
Pig-ture Perfect Pig-ture Perfect 0 You took a picture of Pey'j posing 20
Something Different Something Different 0 You listened to Something Completely Different 20
Shauni NOhmpahkhan Shauni NOhmpahkhan 0 You beat the DomZ High Priest without losing any hearts 30
Kicking Butt Kicking Butt 0 You've killed 10 Alpha Section guards 20

Secret Achievements

Bountiful Volcano Bountiful Volcano 0 You've completed Volcano's Treasure 30
Old Life, Other System Old Life, Other System 0 You've found and opened the chest in Pey'j's hidden workshop 20
Will to Fight Will to Fight 0 You've found and opened the chest on Black Isle 30
Demons from the Past Demons from the Past 0 You've found and opened the chest in the Akuda Bar (Room 1) 30
Finding Family Finding Family 0 You've found and opened the chest in Volcano's Treasure 30
Message Across the Stars Message Across the Stars 0 You've finished the Hunt for Chests from the Past 80