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Assassin's Creed Unity Achievements

Full list of Assassin's Creed Unity achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Assassin's Creed Unity has 57 achievements worth 1300 gamerscore

Youth In Versailles Youth In Versailles 0 Complete Memory Sequence 1. 20
Rebirth Rebirth 0 Complete Memory Sequence 2. 20
First Blood First Blood 0 Complete Memory Sequence 3. 20
La Cour des Miracles La Cour des Miracles 0 Complete Memory Sequence 4. 20
The Root Of Evil The Root Of Evil 0 Complete Memory Sequence 5. 20
Secret Meeting Secret Meeting 0 Complete Memory Sequence 6. 20
Mystery Solved Mystery Solved 0 Complete Memory Sequence 7. 20
Bloody Trail Bloody Trail 0 Complete Memory Sequence 8. 20
Road To Starvation Road To Starvation 0 Complete Memory Sequence 9. 20
Love And Duty Love And Duty 0 Complete Memory Sequence 10. 20
Down But Not Out Down But Not Out 0 Complete Memory Sequence 11. 20
Curtain Call Curtain Call 0 Complete Memory Sequence 12. 50
No Man's Land No Man's Land 0 Complete all Rift missions. 20
Needs More Data Needs More Data 0 Earn Data Bonuses in 3 different Helix Rifts. 20
Thawed Thawed 0 Free a total of 10 trapped Assassins. 20
Blade In The Crowd Blade In The Crowd 0 Assassinate 100 enemies. 20
I Want It All I Want It All 0 Complete all Single Player mission challenges in Paris. 50
Networking Networking 0 Renovate your first Social Club. 10
Falling From The Sky Falling From The Sky 0 Perform 10 air assassinations. 5
The Baguette Boyband The Baguette Boyband 0 Complete a Co-op mission in Paris. 10
Know-It-All Know-It-All 0 Complete all training missions. 20
Gentleman Cambrioleur Gentleman Cambrioleur 0 Lockpick 20 chests. 30
Curiosity Curiosity 0 Open every chest in Paris. 40
Visited Once Visited Once 0 Complete all Co-op and Heist missions in Paris at least once. 30
Business and Pleasure Business and Pleasure 0 Earn a total of 50,000 livres. 20
And Stay Down! And Stay Down! 0 Perform a ground execution. 10
Panoramic View Panoramic View 0 Synchronize all Viewpoints in Paris. 10
Help Me! Help Me! 0 Complete 10 Crowd Events. 10
Hand of Justice Hand of Justice 0 Solve a Murder Mystery in Paris. 20
Ransacking Versailles Ransacking Versailles 0 Earn 100% completion of Versailles. 40
Accurate Prediction Accurate Prediction 0 Complete a Nostradamus Enigma in Paris. 20
Tricolore Tricolore 0 Collect all Cockades 30
Don't Need It Don't Need It 0 Drop 20 Money Pouches in the streets. 5
Patron of the Arts Patron of the Arts 0 Watch a play in the Café Théâtre. 10
Share the Wealth Share the Wealth 0 Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission in Paris. 10
Safe and Secure Safe and Secure 0 Perform all Social Club missions in a district. 10
Room With A View Room With A View 0 Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony. 10
Poked! Poked! 0 Kill 20 enemies with a Long Weapon. 20
Chopped! Chopped! 0 Kill 20 enemies with a heavy weapon. 20
Master Architect Master Architect 0 Complete all the renovations of the Café Théâtre. 30
Guillotined Guillotined 0 Kill an enemy with a lift counterweight. 20
Never Say Die Never Say Die 0 Revive a partner in Co-op. 10
Merciful Killer Merciful Killer 0 Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns in a Co-op mission. 20
Choreography Choreography 0 Perform 10 Co-op sync kills. 10
The Bells! The Bells! The Bells! The Bells! 0 Sabotage 5 alarm bells in Paris. 10

Secret Achievements

A Long Time Ago A Long Time Ago 0 Complete the Prologue. 10
An Old Internet Meme An Old Internet Meme 0 Renovate all the Social Clubs and complete all the Social Club missions. 40
From the Past From the Past 0 Unlock the Medieval Armor in the Café Théâtre. 30
Must've Left it Open Must've Left it Open 0 Lockpick 5 doors. 10
I Got Skills I Got Skills 0 Unlock all Skills. 20

Assassin's Creed Unity - Dead Kings

There are 7 achievements with a total of 300 points.

Defender of Franciade Defender of Franciade 0 Complete Suger's Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger. 50
Liberator Liberator 0 Free every outpost in Franciade. 25
Reign of Terror Reign of Terror 0 Kill 5 enemies at the same time with a Guillotine Gun. 25
Freedom Fighter Freedom Fighter 0 Kill 15 Raider leaders. 20
Hydrogen Bonded Hydrogen Bonded 0 Achieve 100% synchronization in Dead Kings. 30
Fraternité! Fraternité! 0 Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once. 50

Secret Achievements

Peace of Eden Peace of Eden 0 Complete Memory Sequence 13. 100