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Dynamite Fishing World Games Achievements

Full list of Dynamite Fishing World Games achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dynamite Fishing World Games has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Great Power, No Responsibility Great Power, No Responsibility 0 Knock out fish with a Super Power! 10
One Hit Wonder One Hit Wonder 0 Gain 3 stars! 5
Apnoe Diving Apnoe Diving 0 Sink with your ship! 5
Rumble in the Jungle Rumble in the Jungle 0 Finish the Jungle cup! 10
Pasta Carnage Pasta Carnage 0 Finish the Venice cup! 10
Fish and Loathing in Las Vegas Fish and Loathing in Las Vegas 0 Finish the Canyon cup! 10
Fish From Hell Fish From Hell 0 Catch 666 Fish! 10
Glowfish Party Glowfish Party 0 Knock out fish with a nuke! 10
Super Fish Bros Super Fish Bros 0 Collect scenario cents! 10
America's Next Top Fisher America's Next Top Fisher 0 Take first place in a league! 10
Catch a Millionaire Catch a Millionaire 0 Earn one million bucks with fish sales! 100
Tactical Assassin Tactical Assassin 0 Use different special weapons within one scenario! 20
Workaholic Workaholic 0 Solve extra missions! 20
Bath Ducks & Sponge Fish Bath Ducks & Sponge Fish 0 Win matches with the Bathtub! 20
Glorious Guns & Deadly Cannons Glorious Guns & Deadly Cannons 0 Win matches with the Battleship! 20
Sleepy Crabs & Finny Dreams Sleepy Crabs & Finny Dreams 0 Win matches with the Sleepy Sloop! 20
Dead Souls & Boned Fish Dead Souls & Boned Fish 0 Win matches with the Vessel of Souls! 20
Pink Lime & Shiny Pearls Pink Lime & Shiny Pearls 0 Win matches with the Sea Shell! 20
Sweet Homes & Wet Fences Sweet Homes & Wet Fences 0 Win matches with the Houseboat! 20
Scary Gills & Creepy Pirrrates Scary Gills & Creepy Pirrrates 0 Win matches with the Ghostship! 20
Smoking Engines & Burning Wheels Smoking Engines & Burning Wheels 0 Win matches with the Aqua Chopper! 20
Golden Kills & Sparkling Catches Golden Kills & Sparkling Catches 0 Win matches with the Luxury Yacht! 20
Brütal Waves & Flappy Sails Brütal Waves & Flappy Sails 0 Win matches with the Viking Ship! 20
No Stress No Stress 0 Beat an opponent within the last second in the last fishing zone of a scenario! 50
Love is in the Air Love is in the Air 0 Knock out piranhas with dynamite while they're still in the air! 50
Crushed Ice Crushed Ice 0 Crush and knock out frozen fish with a boat within a short period of time! 50
Sharkageddon Sharkageddon 0 Knock out sharks with a Unicorn Comet! 50
Romeo & Juliet Romeo & Juliet 0 Poison lovestruck fish with the Reaper's dark rain! 50
Battery Charge Battery Charge 0 Strike electrified fish with Metal Moe's Thunderbolts! 50
Bullet Beats Bullet Beats 0 Blast away fish with the DJ Dynamite's boomboxes while firing at them with the minigun! 50
Say “Molten Cheese” Say “Molten Cheese” 0 Heat up fish with the Redneck's Fire Bomb while stunning them with the camera's flash light! 50
Digging out the Nut Digging out the Nut 0 Destroy chests with the Squirrel Bomb without hitting any fish! 50
Do it yourself Do it yourself 0 Win a scenario without filling up your combo bar! 50
Snowball Fighter Snowball Fighter 0 Finish the Frozen Frenzy Cup! 10
Sunken Fish, Rising Sun Sunken Fish, Rising Sun 0 Finish the Jade-green Japan Cup! 10
Supreme Head Supreme Head 0 Defeat as many Boss Fish as possible! 50