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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II Achievements

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

...but it's easier to be just lucky! ...but it's easier to be just lucky! 0 You have reached 300 Luck. 30
Tough Cookie Tough Cookie 0 Extreme damage survived from a single attack. 5
Sarge, he keeps coming back! Sarge, he keeps coming back! 0 You have spent heaps of gold on resurrections. 5
You can be smart... You can be smart... 0 You have reached 300 Willpower. 30
You can be fast... You can be fast... 0 You have reached 300 Dexterity. 30
You can be strong... You can be strong... 0 You have reached 300 Body. 30
Freakshow Freakshow 0 You have reached 300 with all four abilities across any number of characters. 50
Rage against the machines Rage against the machines 0 You have spent 10.000 Rage points. 10
Monster Hunter Extraordinaire Monster Hunter Extraordinaire 0 You reached level 60 with a Hunter (character class). 40
Adeptus Mechanicus Adeptus Mechanicus 0 You reached level 60 with an Arcane Mechanic (character class). 40
The Wonderful Wizardov The Wonderful Wizardov 0 You reached level 60 with a Thaumaturge (character class). 40
Shopping spree Shopping spree 0 You got 1.000.000 gold from Katarina's shopping trips. 10
Easy come, easy go Easy come, easy go 0 You spent 10 million gold. 10
In your face, Jones! In your face, Jones! 0 You collected 10 Relics for the Resistance. 30
Fetch! Fetch! 0 You received a Rare item from a Chimera hunt. 5
Chimera of War Chimera of War 0 Your Chimera killed 500 enemies. 20
Success with clean hands Success with clean hands 0 You completed a Tower Defense campaign map without killing a single monster directly. 30
End of the beginning End of the beginning 0 You covered the retreat from Viaduct Junction. 10
Unshackled Genius Unshackled Genius 0 You rescued Telsa from the Sewers. 10
Forbidden path Forbidden path 0 You reached the Giantwoods. 10
Shock and Awe Shock and Awe 0 You let loose the Power of Perun. 10
A Friend from beyond A Friend from beyond 0 You got your own Chimera. 10
Out of the frying pan Out of the frying pan 0 You took back the Foundry from Harker's forces. 20
Awe and Awe Awe and Awe 0 You found Harker's secret weapon. 20
Spanner in the works Spanner in the works 0 You destroyed the Animated Extraction Rig. 30
Double Exile Double Exile 0 You defeated Harker. 40
The Roots of Evil The Roots of Evil 0 You defeated the Dryad Queen. 30
Tough as a coffin nail Tough as a coffin nail 0 You completed a Scenario without dying. 20
Ragtag Hero Ragtag Hero 0 You completed a Scenario without equipped Cape, Armor, Gloves and Boots. 20
Simple ways Simple ways 0 You completed a Scenario without using any Powerups. 20
Real life is overrated Real life is overrated 0 You completed 20 single player Scenario runs in the game. 30
Hunter of hunters Hunter of hunters 0 You killed 100 Champion, Elite or Boss in Scenarios. 30
Glory of a Legend Glory of a Legend 0 You earned 250.000 Reputation. 25
I'm so Hardcore! I'm so Hardcore! 0 You finished the game with a Hardcore character. 90
St. Helsing St. Helsing 0 You healed other players for a total of 50.000 HP. 20
A hunter with style A hunter with style 0 You equiped a full collection of Set items. 20

Secret Achievements

Legacy of the Genius Legacy of the Genius 0 You found Da Vinci's Master Plan. 5
Shoot'n Tell Shoot'n Tell 0 You found Tell's Appleshooter Bow. 5
Legacy of the Fool Legacy of the Fool 0 You found the Mushroom Expert Certificate. 5
Mirelite Miracle Mirelite Miracle 0 You found the Frozen Goldfish. 5
Ghoulish Taste Ghoulish Taste 0 You ate Woody's Snack. 5
Eviction Enforcement Eviction Enforcement 0 You found the hiding Domovoy. 5
Grey Treasures Grey Treasures 0 You looted the Grey Wizard. 5
Two birds, one pole Two birds, one pole 0 You found the Rukh pole. 5
It was a blast! It was a blast! 0 You saved the Bomb Expert's life. 10
Masterfully Botched Gift Masterfully Botched Gift 0 You found the Masterfully Botched Armor. 5
Lunar Collection Lunar Collection 0 You found all three Moonstones. 10
Who cares whether it's poisonous? Who cares whether it's poisonous? 0 You ate the Suspicious Mushroom. 5
Profiler Profiler 0 You knew who should stay behind bars. 5
Requiem for a dream Requiem for a dream 0 Heroes fall - fate intervenes. Press the following combination on the Main Menu and return to life. 45