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Ruff Ghanor Achievements

Full list of Ruff Ghanor achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ruff Ghanor has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

You overwhelmed me, Ruff Ghanor You overwhelmed me, Ruff Ghanor 0 Unlocked all the achievements 200
The Holy Healer The Holy Healer 0 Healed a total of 1000hp 80
True Blacksmith True Blacksmith 0 Completed the Hell's Forge 50
The Saint's Wrath The Saint's Wrath 0 Dealt a total of 1000 damage 80
Sacred Damage Sacred Damage 0 Defeated 3 enemies at the same time using a miracle 20
Too Fast, Too Furious Too Fast, Too Furious 0 Finished a Combat Encounter in One Turn 20
I won’t move a finger I won’t move a finger 0 Defeated a combat encounter without ever using attack cards. 50
Aracnofobia Aracnofobia 0 Win the encounter 'The Broodmother' by always passing Ruff's turns and using only Korin's actions. 30
Sanctum Infirmary Sanctum Infirmary 0 Initiated a battle with Dunnius and Niccolas under 10 HP, emerged victorious with full HP. 50
A New Leader A New Leader 0 Finished Act II 10
Monastery Burning Monastery Burning 0 Finished Act I 10
The Threat The Threat 0 Finished Intro 10
Hero of The Prophecy Hero of The Prophecy 0 Finished Act III 10
You surpassed me! You surpassed me! 0 Forged all of Thondin's relics with enhanced quality. 80
Selfish Selfish 0 In a single turn, restored 15 life points to Ruff Ghanor when an ally is below 10 life points. 30
Whack a Furry Whack a Furry 0 Targeted 30 times a Red Eye Furry with a “Hammer Bash” card 50
Barefoot Saint Barefoot Saint 0 On the journey to Dust Lake, donated your boots and perform a miraculous leap. 50
Holy, but not so much Holy, but not so much 0 After donating the boot in the 'Birth of a Saint' encounter, failed to run in 'The Pack'. 50
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo 0 Receive a gift from Axia and finished the battle against Kydriax with one of her cards in your deck. 20
Comrade Ghanor Comrade Ghanor 0 Obtained the Thokk relic, forge the Hammer, and free the oppressed from Depression. 100