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Dungeons of Shalnor Achievements

Full list of Dungeons of Shalnor achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Dungeons of Shalnor has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Minor Nuisance Minor Nuisance 0 Vanquish 10 monsters in a single run. 25
Exterminator Exterminator 0 Vanquish 50 monsters in a single run. 50
Bad Addiction Bad Addiction 0 Vanquish 100 monsters in a single run. 100
First Boss First Boss 0 Defeat the first Boss. 30
Second Boss Second Boss 0 Defeat the second boss. 50
Third Boss Third Boss 0 Defeat the third boss. 80
Fourth Boss Fourth Boss 0 Defeat the fourth boss. 100
Happy Customer Happy Customer 0 Purchase an upgrade. 25
Very Happy Customer Very Happy Customer 0 Purchase 10 upgrades. 60
All The Way! All The Way! 0 Purchase ALL upgrades. 100
Double Trouble Double Trouble 0 Equip the same artifact in both artifact-slots. 40
Blessed Blessed 0 Unlock 4 blessings in a single run. 30
Overblessed Overblessed 0 Unlock all blessings in a single run. 100
Blast Master Blast Master 0 Place 20 bombs, and let them explode. 30
Artificial Power Artificial Power 0 Use Artifacts 20 times. 40
A Handful A Handful 0 Carry at least 1000 gold in a single run. 20
Body of Wealth Body of Wealth 0 Carry at least 3000 gold in a single run. 40
Wealth of Body Wealth of Body 0 Carry at least 5000 gold in a single run. 80