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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Legends of the Zone Trilogy Achievements

Full list of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Legends of the Zone Trilogy achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Legends of the Zone Trilogy has 134 achievements worth 3000 gamerscore

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

See the Clear Sky See the Clear Sky 0 Finish S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky on any difficulty level. 40
Mom, I'm going to the Zone Mom, I'm going to the Zone 0 Finish the game on Novice difficulty. 15
Lucky son of a gun Lucky son of a gun 0 Finish the game on Stalker difficulty. 30
Stalker with a scar Stalker with a scar 0 Finish the game on Veteran or Master difficulty. 90
Swamp Lord Swamp Lord 0 Join "Clear Sky" faction and defeat Renegades. 30
Garbage Hegemon Garbage Hegemon 0 Help Free stalkers or Bandits to be victorious in their conflict. 30
The question of Ideology The question of Ideology 0 Make the choice between Freedom and Duty and help your faction to defeat their rivals. 30
Forever aloner Forever aloner 0 Finish the game without joining any faction after leaving the Swamps. 30
One of us One of us 0 Join any faction after leaving the Swamps. 15
Friend for an hour Friend for an hour 0 Be supported by and gain maximum reputation with 3 or more factions. 90
Drag and sell Drag and sell 0 Sell goods for more than 100 000. 15
Gunsmith Gunsmith 0 Upgrade 5 different weapons to maximum. 30
All the money in the Zone All the money in the Zone 0 Sell goods for more than 250 000. 30
Explosions magnet Explosions magnet 0 Be killed by grenades 20 times. 15
Overloaded but not overcame Overloaded but not overcame 0 Walk 10 kilometers with overload. 15
PseudoFlash PseudoFlash 0 Drink 100 energy drinks. 15
Gun Baron Gun Baron 0 Find all unique weapons. 15
Artifact sommelier Artifact sommelier 0 Find each artifact in the Zone. 30
Stalkerstrike Stalkerstrike 0 Kill 50 enemies with headshot. 30
Mock of a stalker Mock of a stalker 0 Die from 5 different anomalies. 15
Modifier Modifier 0 You found 18 flash drives. Use them wisely. 30
I am machine I am machine 0 Enhance your maximum weight capacity by 60 kilograms. 30
Meat constructor Meat constructor 0 You found all "meat" artifacts. Abomination, but useful to survive in the Zone! 15

Secret Achievements

The true Stalker The true Stalker 0 Visit all in-game locations. 15
Pub crawl Pub crawl 0 Meet all barmen in the Zone. 15
The Savior The Savior 0 Help Vasyan to repel the attack of dogs and climb down the stone. 15
To those who hear us To those who hear us 0 Climb high and listen to the full version of radio message. 15
Boss Helicopter Boss Helicopter 0 Kill Boss Helicopter at Limansk hospital. 15
Genesis flood Genesis flood 0 Let water run to the undergrounds, kill mutants and return alive. 15
Junior forester Junior forester 0 Meet Forester and return him what is lost. 15
New old friend New old friend 0 Go through the military Cordon and speak to Sidorovich for the first time. 15
The lost city The lost city 0 Enter the secret city, Limansk. 15
Who are you without a duct tape? Who are you without a duct tape? 0 Use the service of all Zone technicians. 15
Know thyself Know thyself 0 Assist Hermit and finish his quest in Undergrounds. 15
AWOL AWOL 0 Help Semyon Lambee. 15
Decent start Decent start 0 Find the stash with valuable habar at swamps. 15
Life of the party Life of the party 0 Find the forgotten guitar. 15
Relics of the past Relics of the past 0 Find the time machine in Limansk. 15
Trophy Hunter Trophy Hunter 0 Find the trophy AKM-47/2. 15
Avenger Avenger 0 Liquidate machine gunner at military block post. 15
Taxi! Taxi! 0 Use guide service 10 times. 15
In socks alone In socks alone 0 When dived into that very basement with empty pockets. 15
Stashfinder Stashfinder 0 Find and steal items from back of the Suslov shop in marshes. 30

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Prypiat

There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Gifts of nature Gifts of nature 0 Find legendary Heart of the Oasis. 15
Alpha predator Alpha predator 0 You killed 300 mutants — the Zone is a safer place, at least for a while. 15
Coffee reactor Coffee reactor 0 You drank 100 energy drinks. The Zone is too big to be slow. 15
Detectortive Detectortive 0 Find at least one artifact with the help of each detector. 15
Under every rock Under every rock 0 Find and acquire items from every stash in Zaton which contains any weapon. 30
Ghostbuster Ghostbuster 0 Kill three poltergeists. 15
Agent F-1 Agent F-1 0 Kill 100 enemies with hand grenades. 15
Natural disaster Natural disaster 0 Simultaneously equip Snowflake, Flame, Stone flower and Moonlight. 15
It's all fake It's all fake 0 Finish the game on Novice difficulty. 15
Intelligence agent Intelligence agent 0 Finish the game on Stalker difficulty. 30
The Zone will remember us The Zone will remember us 0 Finish the game on Veteran or Master difficulty. 90
Irresistable call Irresistable call 0 Complete S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat. 40

Secret Achievements

Pioneer Pioneer 0 Research the most recent developments of anomalies in the Zone. 30
Mutant Hunter Mutant Hunter 0 Do not avoid dangerous mutants. Good hunters are held in high esteem among stalkers. 15
Detective Detective 0 Uncover the secret behind stalker disappearances at Skadovsk. 30
One of Ours One of Ours 0 Show the bandits and their leader, Sultan, who's boss. 15
Boss Boss 0 Help Sultan outmaneuver the stalkers and take Beard's business under your control. 15
Courier of Justice Courier of Justice 0 Bring the scumbag to justice. Magpie cheated and deceived many a stalker, now his time has come. 15
Artifact Hunter Artifact Hunter 0 Find every type of artifact known to Zone researchers. 30
Weapon Systems Expert Weapon Systems Expert 0 Get Cardan has all the tools he'll ever need. 15
Hi-Tech Expert Hi-Tech Expert 0 Get Nitro tools a Zone technician could dream of. 15
Seasoned Stalker Seasoned Stalker 0 You have been to virtually all locations near the center of the Zone. 30
Leader Leader 0 Put a great squad together and prove you're a leader. 30
Diplomat Diplomat 0 Solve problems peacefully. 30
Research Assistant Research Assistant 0 Work with the scientists for so long that you could rightfully be called a research assistant. 30
A Friend of Duty A Friend of Duty 0 Provide plenty of help to Duty, and earn the respect of Duty fighters. 15
A Friend of Freedom A Friend of Freedom 0 Provide plenty of help to Freedom, and earn the respect of Freedom. 15
A Man of Balance A Man of Balance 0 Do not side with either faction, and always act as a free stalker. 15
A Wealthy Client A Wealthy Client 0 Your wealth is considerable, and traders value a client of your stature. 15
A Keeper of Secrets A Keeper of Secrets 0 Keep notes from Strelok's group's stashes until you find their rightful owner. 30
Marked by the Zone Marked by the Zone 0 Manage to survive an emission without taking cover thanks to the anabiotic pills. 30
Trafficker of Information Trafficker of Information 0 Have your own profit in mind when selling information to those who need it. 15
A Friend of Stalkers A Friend of Stalkers 0 Help stalkers in trouble and you will have allies in the stalker brotherhood who will help you too. 30
Pinocchio Pinocchio 0 Listen to all Filnt's stories. 15
Well-timed backup Well-timed backup 0 Save all stalkers from Kovalsky group during the final evacuation. 30
Unsinkable Unsinkable 0 Enter Skadovsk for the first time. 15
Arkless Arkless 0 Meet Noah. 15
Train to Yanov Train to Yanov 0 Enter Yanov for the first time. 15
Imperfect plans Imperfect plans 0 Frisk all Stingray helicopters. 15
Forgotten paths Forgotten paths 0 Gather the squad and go to overpass. 15
Purgatory Purgatory 0 Enter Laundromat for the first time. 15
Item 62 Item 62 0 Find the weapon of future. 15
Librarian Librarian 0 Get all documents in Lab X-8. 15
Evacuation Evacuation 0 Complete the game by evacuating on a helicopter. 15
Stalker by blood Stalker by blood 0 Complete the game and decide to stay in the Zone. 15
Mirone, is it you? Mirone, is it you? 0 Find Mirone. 15
Old acquaintance Old acquaintance 0 Meet Petruha and help him get out of the anomaly. 15

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chornobyl

There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Explorer of the Zone Explorer of the Zone 0 This is how it ends. 40
Sidorovich's apprentice Sidorovich's apprentice 0 Finish the game on Novice difficulty. 15
In the Zone! In the Zone! 0 Finish the game on Stalker difficulty. 30
S.U.R.V.I.V.E.D. S.U.R.V.I.V.E.D. 0 Finish the game on Veteran or Master difficulty. 90
Freedom vs. Duty Freedom vs. Duty 0 Choose your side in this conflict. 30
Headhunter Headhunter 0 Even the Zone remembers deserters. 15
Gladiator Gladiator 0 The champion of the Arena. 30
Law and Order Law and Order 0 You've saved Yurik and proven that the Zone is not a place where the strongest rule. 15
Stalker legend Stalker legend 0 Find each common and rare artifact in the Zone. 30
Chornobyl safari Chornobyl safari 0 Kill each mutant at least once. 15
Hunting season Hunting season 0 Kill 250 mutants. 15
Killer Killer 0 Kill 500 stalkers. 15
Your dogstiny Your dogstiny 0 You have sold 20 dog tails. 15
Maximum endurance Maximum endurance 0 Equip all endurance artifacts. 15
Party on the beach Party on the beach 0 Equip all beach-themed artifacts. And do not forget the lights! 15

Secret Achievements

The Wish Granter The Wish Granter 0 You get what you deserve. 30
Too good to be true Too good to be true 0 You have seen the Monolith, but did not succumb to the call. 90
You're finally awake... You're finally awake... 0 Do not think too much, act! 15
No Loner stands alone No Loner stands alone 0 Do not allow bandits to defeat Bes and his men. 30
The Man cave The Man cave 0 You found Strelok's stash, the search continues. 15
Explore and protect Explore and protect 0 You managed to save professor Kruglov and did not let the Zone extinguish his light. 15
Lab Rat Lab Rat 0 The venture to Yantar was worthy. Your brain is protected now! 30
Legendary armor Legendary armor 0 You found the Ghost suit and honored his legacy. 30
Get out of here, Stalker Get out of here, Stalker 0 The guide has shown you where to go. 15
Follow your steps Follow your steps 0 Find Doctor who will tell you the truth. 30
Stoic Stoic 0 Decoder opened the secret Sarcophagus doors for you. 15
I'm all but certain it was... I'm all but certain it was... 0 Meet Sidorovich for the last time. 15
Knock-Knock Knock-Knock 0 Now you're onto something. 15
Sentry Sentry 0 This village gave you shelter, and you have not forgotten this. 30
The worst stalker in the Zone The worst stalker in the Zone 0 The Zone has no place for empathy. Tolik has learned it the hard way. 15
A decent start A decent start 0 You helped Tolik and saved him. Who knows, maybe someone will show mercy to you? 15
The Door Vinci Code The Door Vinci Code 0 No doors can stand between you and your goal. Even ones that lead nowhere. 15
Weapon of the future Weapon of the future 0 Get Monolith finest weapon. 15
Hiker Hiker 0 Tourist suit is yours. Now you can go for a walk and enjoy nearby anomalies. 15
Fanged armor Fanged armor 0 Find Fang exoskeleton. 15
Mole's weapon Mole's weapon 0 Become the owner of unique Walker 9 x 18 pistol. 15
Terminator Terminator 0 Threaded SPSA-14 is yours. To scare and protect! 15
The smile of Martha The smile of Martha 0 Find the beautiful Martha. 15
Garland Garland 0 Fill all 5 slots with artifacts. 15
I'm done with drinking for good I'm done with drinking for good 0 You have drunk 25 bottles of Cossacks. Hope the time was well-spent. 15
Bread-expert Bread-expert 0 You have eaten 25 breads. 15
Boltman Boltman 0 Die from 5 different anomalies. 15
The last mammoth in the Zone The last mammoth in the Zone 0 Only for 800? 15
Meet the creator Meet the creator 0 Good Ol' Days! 30