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F1 24 Achievements

Full list of F1 24 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

F1 24 has 50 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Lights, Camera, Action! Lights, Camera, Action! 0 You saved a captured highlight in Theatre Mode 5
Downtown Snapper Downtown Snapper 0 Took a photo using photomode at Jeddah, Melbourne, Baku, Miami, Monaco, Marina Bay and Las Vegas 10
Tremendous Trio Tremendous Trio 0 Your grid position was optimal, you made an optimal pit stop, and got the fastest lap of the race 15
Up At The Pointy End Up At The Pointy End 0 You achieved your first pole position 5
Takes The Flag! Takes The Flag! 0 You won your first race 10
Showing Them How It's Done Showing Them How It's Done 0 You won an online race 10
A Great Weekend A Great Weekend 0 You were fastest in all practice sessions, took pole position and won the race 20
Well Seasoned Well Seasoned 0 You completed 24 Races 10
A Lump In My Throat A Lump In My Throat 0 Wow you did it, you are the World Champion! 100
Mechanical Marvel Mechanical Marvel 0 Congratulations team, you are Constructors' Champions! 75
All Areas Covered All Areas Covered 0 In My Team, you developed a component in every R&D Department 10
Front Row Friends! Front Row Friends! 0 You locked out the front row alongside your friend in Two-Player Career 10
Development Race Development Race 0 You upgraded an item in F1® World 5
Crafty! Crafty! 0 You crafted an item from a blueprint in F1® World 5
One Of A Kind One Of A Kind 0 You equipped a Unique Item in F1® World 15
Pass The Spanner Pass The Spanner 0 You equipped an item in F1® World 5
Up And Running Up And Running 0 You redeemed a completed Goal in F1® World 5
Safely Does It Safely Does It 0 You completed your first Safety Rating A race in F1® World 20
Got, got, got, got.. Got, got, got, got.. 0 You unlocked 100 stickers in the Compendium 40
99 Club 99 Club 0 You reached an overall driver rating of 99 with any driver 75
Custom Hotshot Custom Hotshot 0 You reached an overall driver rating of 80 with a custom driver 20
Laser Focused Laser Focused 0 You reached a Focus Rating of 90 15
Just Better Just Better 0 You successfully defeated a rival in the Championship Narrative Rivalry type 10
It's Getting Hot In Here It's Getting Hot In Here 0 You increased a rivalry to Heated status 10
It's Not Me, It's You It's Not Me, It's You 0 You increased a rivalry to Career Defining status 40
Not Making Friends Not Making Friends 0 You have 3 active rivalries with 3 different drivers 20
Rise To The Challenge! Rise To The Challenge! 0 You activated an R&D Scenario 5
GOAT GOAT 0 You completed all accolades for any Driver 75
Objectively Dynamic Objectively Dynamic 0 You completed 25 Dynamic Objectives 10
Strong Relations Strong Relations 0 You reached relationship level 3 with a Specialist in Driver Career 10
Silly Season Silly Season 0 You completed all 3 secret meetings and joined that team at the end of the season 10
Extra Curricular Extra Curricular 0 You completed all 4 Specialist goals in a single race weekend 10
Target Acquired Target Acquired 0 You set a target 3 above your current rating and achieved it during a season 20
Do I Recognise You? Do I Recognise You? 0 You achieved 55% Recognition or higher with a team in Driver Career 10
The First Of Many The First Of Many 0 You earned your first Accolade in Driver Career 5
Sign On The Dotted Line Sign On The Dotted Line 0 You agreed to a multi-year contract with a team in Driver Career 40
Perk-fection Perk-fection 0 You earned 4 Perks from your Specialists as any driver in Driver Career 10
Sum of its Parts Sum of its Parts 0 You dismantled 50 items in F1® World 10
Vending Machine Vending Machine 0 You completed a goal from each of the 7 Vendors in F1® World 10
Going Up Going Up 0 You got promoted to a higher division in Ranked 10
Double Dutch Double Dutch 0 As Max Verstappen, you won a race at Circuit Zandvoort 10
Full English Full English 0 As Lando Norris, you won a race at Silverstone in a McLaren 10
True Fan True Fan 0 You earned 10,000 Fan Points in a single F1® World season 15
Reach Out to the Fans Reach Out to the Fans 0 You completed 10 Fan Liaison goals in F1® World 10
Hey Big Fan Token Spender! Hey Big Fan Token Spender! 0 You spent a total of 1000 Fan Tokens in F1® World 40
In the Zone In the Zone 0 You were in the winning zone of either a Constructor or Driver Fanzone Room 40
Tough Choices Tough Choices 0 You Locked-In your Fanzone choices for a new F1® World season 3 times 40
Express Your Fandom Express Your Fandom 0 You equipped a different Expression Label on your Super Licence profile 15
All The Points All The Points 0 You won a sprint race, Grand Prix and set the fastest lap in a single race weekend 10
Everyone's a winner Everyone's a winner 0 You unlocked 30 stickers from the Champions category in the Compendium 10