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Layers of Fear - Inheritance Achievements

Full list of Layers of Fear - Inheritance achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Layers of Fear - Inheritance has 9 achievements worth 250 gamerscore

The Big Picture The Big Picture 0 Assemble all the puzzle pieces. 25
I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday 0 Recall all your childhood memories. 25
This could be important This could be important 0 Read every note in the game. 25

Secret Achievements

Let Bygones Be Bygones Let Bygones Be Bygones 0 Accept your father's apology. 25
Too Little, Too Late Too Little, Too Late 0 Refuse to forgive in the end. 25
The Tree and the Apple The Tree and the Apple 0 Discover your true inheritance. 50
Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time 0 Watch the entire Little Red Riding Hood story. 25
Sword Of The Serpent Sword Of The Serpent 0 Slay the evil serpent roaming the land of the fables. 40
Preferred Parent Preferred Parent 0 Stuck to one parent's side through the entirety of the quarrel vision. 10

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