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Prominence Poker Achievements

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There are 42 achievements with a total of 1245 points.

The Prestigious The Prestigious 0 Join an affiliation 25
The Criminal The Criminal 0 Gain Rank 2 in any affiliation 25
The Tough Guy The Tough Guy 0 Gain Rank 3 in any affiliation 35
No Luck Involved No Luck Involved 0 Win a 6-player online multiplayer tournament 25
One on One One on One 0 Win a Head-to-Head tournament 25
Blackjack! Blackjack! 0 Player is dealt an Ace of any suit and a 10, J, Q or K of any suit as their hole cards 20
Multi-Buster Multi-Buster 0 Bust 2 or more players in the same hand 30
Do You Even Lift? Do You Even Lift? 0 Complete a challenge 20
Mutineer Mutineer 0 Change affiliations 20
River Fishing River Fishing 0 Win a hand that you made on the River 40
Seven Deuce Abuse Seven Deuce Abuse 0 Win a hand with 7 2 offsuit as your hole cards 40
Welcome to Prominence Welcome to Prominence 0 Complete the tutorial 20
Smokin' and Drinkin' Smokin' and Drinkin' 0 Purchase a smoke and a drink 20
Social Butterfly Social Butterfly 0 Play 100 multiplayer games 35
Social Larvae Social Larvae 0 Play in 5 multiplayer games 20
Social Caterpillar Social Caterpillar 0 Play 50 multiplayer games 25
Makin' It Rain! Makin' It Rain! 0 Earn 100,000 chips from the Daily Cut 35
Millionaire Millionaire 0 Reach 1 million bankroll 40
Billionaire Billionaire 0 Reach 1 billion bankroll 50
Shop-a-holic Shop-a-holic 0 Purchase 10 outfits 20
T.K.O. T.K.O. 0 Knock out 100 players in tournament play 50
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good 0 Bust 100 players in ring games 40
The Duelist The Duelist 0 Win 50 Head-to-Head tournaments 35
The Executioner The Executioner 0 Knock out all 5 players in any 6 player tournament 50
Gambling Addict Gambling Addict 0 Play 50 games in the casino 25
Klean Freak Klean Freak 0 Play 50 games in the Laundromat 25
Most Valuable Patron Most Valuable Patron 0 Play 50 games in the Bar 25
The Mechanic The Mechanic 0 Win 5 hands in a row in a multiplayer game 25
Penta-Cut Penta-Cut 0 Collect your Daily Cut 5 times in a row without missing a consecutive bonus 20
Gettin' Juiced Gettin' Juiced 0 Complete 10 challenges 25
Nice Quads Nice Quads 0 Quadruple your buy-in during a single multiplayer ring game 35
The Wiseguy The Wiseguy 0 Gain Rank 4 in any affiliation 35
Meat The Spades Meat The Spades 0 Play 50 games in Motherland Meats 25
Up and Coming Up and Coming 0 Play a ranked game. 20
Ranked: Bronze Ranked: Bronze 0 End a ranked season in the Bronze tier. 20
Ranked: Silver Ranked: Silver 0 End a ranked season in the Silver tier. 25
Ranked: Gold Ranked: Gold 0 End a ranked season in the Gold tier. 30
Ranked: Platinum Ranked: Platinum 0 End a ranked season in the Platinum tier. 40
Ranked: Diamond Ranked: Diamond 0 End a ranked season in the Diamond tier. 50

Secret Achievements

In the Land of the Blind In the Land of the Blind 0 Go All-In without looking at your hole cards and win 30
Dead Man's Hole Dead Man's Hole 0 Win a hand with the Ace of Spades or Clubs and 8 of Spades or Clubs as your hole cards 25
Shape Shifter Shape Shifter 0 Change your gender 20

Prominence Poker - The Diamonds Affiliation

There are 3 achievements with a total of 95 points.

The Pit Boss The Pit Boss 0 Gain Rank 5 in any affiliation 35
Under Pressure Under Pressure 0 Play 50 games in the Diamond Suite 25
Well-Versed Well-Versed 0 Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a 6 player multiplayer Tournament in every venue 35