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The Fall Part 2: Unbound Achievements

Find all the The Fall Part 2: Unbound achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

You Tried You Tried 0 You WILL make a choice 50
Ideologue Ideologue 0 You WILL save yourself. 30
Autoimmune System Autoimmune System 0 Virtually untouchable. 50
Non-Terminal Velocity Non-Terminal Velocity 0 Falling doesn't hurt. 15
Butler Scissor-Hands Butler Scissor-Hands 0 Close shave. 15
Trashy Trashy 0 We are NOT garbage. 15
Onederful Onederful 0 "S" for Super Awesome! 50
Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 0 Superer Awesomer! 80
Player Player 0 I thought I was irresistible? 15
num num num num num num 0 Tasting flight. 15
Where's my Oscar?! Where's my Oscar?! 0 I feel the snub. 15
Glutton for Onishment Glutton for Onishment 0 Take it out on me. 15
Bobbing for Airwaves Bobbing for Airwaves 0 Address hostility with hostility? 15
Cuddle Time Cuddle Time 0 Bear your feelings. 15
Self-Talk Self-Talk 0 No, no, no, affirmations should be phrased in the positive. 15
You Red and Blue It You Red and Blue It 0 Not so predictable after all. 20
Social Worker Social Worker 0 Who can I help? 15
Reparation Bot Reparation Bot 0 You're wiser than her violator. 20
Only I Learn Quickly Only I Learn Quickly 0 You know what you have to do. 20
Become the Master Become the Master 0 Manifest your message. 25
Second Diag-Gnostic Second Diag-Gnostic 0 Collect all logs. 40
Reflective Reflective 0 Have you catalogued correctly? 30
Resourceful Resourceful 0 Commandeer your first host. 20
Routing the Routine Routing the Routine 0 Use up the Butler. 25
Integrated Integrated 0 Use up the One. 25
I had an Ally I had an Ally 0 Use up the Companion. 25
Get out of your Head Get out of your Head 0 On second thought... 25
Personal Network Personal Network 0 You can't do this alone. 25
We are One We are One 0 Understand One. 25
Forgiven Forgiven 0 Understand the Companion. 25
Re-cycled Re-cycled 0 Understand the Butler. 25
Rebound Rebound 0 Complete Episode 2. 100
Pristine Perspective Shifter Pristine Perspective Shifter 0 The "end" of ideology. 30
Everything's Fine! Everything's Fine! 0 Indiscriminate validation. 25
How well DO you know them?! How well DO you know them?! 0 Unpackage your parts. 15
Internal Damage Internal Damage 0 Not that kind of pain. 15
Refined Unrefinement Refined Unrefinement 0 He will STILL not center to this. 15