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Unknown Fate Achievements

Find all the Unknown Fate achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Secret Achievements

In the park. In the park. 0 When we first met. 50
In my room. In my room. 0 Me, the hands and the Wardrobe. 50
The facility. The facility. 0 When we met again. 50
In the park 2. In the park 2. 0 Weird things in the park. 50
The office. The office. 0 Goodbye colleague. 50
Our house. Our house. 0 Stop! 50
With mom. With mom. 0 Some Unfortunate Events! 30
In my room. In my room. 0 Sometimes you are not alone. 30
Bullies. Bullies. 0 I'm not having fun. 30
Together in the park. Together in the park. 0 Sometimes you need some help. 30
Woz! Woz! 0 I'm glad I found you. 30
Leave her alone! Leave her alone! 0 I'll take care of it. 30
Another guardian! Another guardian! 0 Did you see it? 30
Music! Music! 0 Together is better. 30
At work. At work. 0 Alwasy good to know when to stop. 30
Thank you. Thank you. 0 That saved me. 30
Ubik! Ubik! 0 All-purpose solution. 30
Sushi! Sushi! 0 Memories are all important. 30
The last one! The last one! 0 You found the last piece! 30
The artefact. The artefact. 0 You have the full power of the artefact now. 60
Kill the big one. Kill the big one. 0 Kill the boss without dying. 50
The End. The End. 0 Complete the adventure. 200