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Absolver Achievements

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There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Smells like Victory Smells like Victory 0 Win 1 PVP Duel 10
Warming up Warming up 0 Reach Game Mode Level 5 20
Gear up Gear up 0 Loot 1 weapon 10
Make your Move Make your Move 0 Master 1 new Attack 20
This is Adal! This is Adal! 0 Push AI off ledge 20
White Belt White Belt 0 Join a school 10
Double-edged Sword Double-edged Sword 0 Kill your opponent with his own weapon in 1v1 30
Talem's Secret Talem's Secret 0 Open all Cairns with one character 30
Black Belt Black Belt 0 Become a disciple of your school 40
Student becomes Teacher Student becomes Teacher 0 Create a school 30
Kuretz Kuretz 0 Kill Kuretz 30
Cargal & Kilnor Cargal & Kilnor 0 Kill Cargal & Kilnor 30
Risryn Risryn 0 Kill Risryn 30
Finding your Marks Finding your Marks 0 Kill all marked ones with one character 40
You were like a brother to me! You were like a brother to me! 0 Have Cargal kill Kilnor (or the opposite) 100
Survival of the Fittest Survival of the Fittest 0 Kill 100 Players Character (Any Character) 60
Worthy Opponents Worthy Opponents 0 Kill all bosses in their last level with one character 100
Master of Styles Master of Styles 0 Unlock all fighting styles with one character 100
Absolver Absolver 0 Become an Absolver 60
The Grandmaster The Grandmaster 0 Master all attacks with one character 100
Getting serious Getting serious 0 Reach Game Mode Level 100 80

Secret Achievements

Adding insult to injury Adding insult to injury 0 Unlock Calbot 50