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Far Cry 4 Achievements

Find all the Far Cry 4 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Deliver Us From Evil Deliver Us From Evil 0 Liberate 12 Outposts (Campaign only). 10
All Clear All Clear 0 Liberate all Outposts (Campaign only). 50
Tread Lightly Tread Lightly 0 Liberate any Outpost without triggering an alarm in any mode (Campaign only). 20
End Transmission End Transmission 0 Liberate 8 Bell Towers (Campaign only). 20
Display Of Fortitude Display Of Fortitude 0 Conquer 2 Fortresses (Campaign only). 20
Well-Rounded Well-Rounded 0 Complete any 6 Hunting quests (Supplies, Control, Survival) (Campaign only). 20
Trigger-Man Trigger-Man 0 Complete 3 Assassination or Eye for an Eye quests (Campaign only). 15
No One Left Behind No One Left Behind 0 Rescue 15 hostages in Hostage Rescue quests (Campaign only). 10
Gearhead Gearhead 0 Complete 3 Kyrati Films: Racing or Kyrati Films: Survival activities (Campaign only). 10
Defender Defender 0 Repel 3 Outpost Retaliation Parties (Campaign only). 15
Robin Hood Robin Hood 0 Hijack 3 Royal Cargo Trucks and return them to a liberated Outpost (Campaign only). 15
Hand Of Justice Hand Of Justice 0 Eliminate 3 Pagan's Wrath convoys (Campaign only). 15
Overdose Overdose 0 Discover Shangri-La (Campaign only). 10
Brother In Arms Brother In Arms 0 Liberate 1 Outpost playing as Hurk (Campaign Co-op only). 20
Defuser Defuser 0 Complete 3 Bomb Defusal quests (Campaign only). 10
Changing Lanes Changing Lanes 0 Perform a Vehicle Takedown from the passenger seat of a vehicle (Campaign Co-op only). 20
Fixer-Upper Fixer-Upper 0 Purchase 3 items for the Ghale Homestead (Campaign only). 20
Exorcist Exorcist 0 Remove or destroy 15 Masks of Yalung (Campaign only). 10
Rewriting History Rewriting History 0 Remove 30 Propaganda Posters (Campaign only). 40
Caretaker Of Memory Caretaker Of Memory 0 Find 10 Lost Letters (Campaign only). 15
Right Tributes Right Tributes 0 Spin 10 Mani Wheels (Campaign only). 15
The Rarest Game The Rarest Game 0 Complete 3 Kyrat Fashion Week quests (Campaign only). 20
Well Read Well Read 0 Read 10 notes (Campaign only). 10
Quick Learner Quick Learner 0 Learn 10 skills (Campaign only). 10
Fully Loaded Fully Loaded 0 Learn all skills (Campaign only). 30
Tricked Out Tricked Out 0 Craft 5 upgrades for your equipment (Campaign only). 10
Dr. Feelgood Dr. Feelgood 0 Craft 15 syringes (Campaign only). 10
Make It Rain Make It Rain 0 Spend 500,000 rupees total at Trading Posts (Campaign only). 20
Custom-Fitted Custom-Fitted 0 Buy all attachments and paint schemes for a single weapon (Campaign only). 15
Tusker Tusker 0 Kill 30 enemies with an elephant (Campaign only). 10
Quad Kill Quad Kill 0 Kill 4 enemies simultaneously with a single explosion (Campaign only). 20
Misdirection Misdirection 0 Distract 15 enemies with rocks (Campaign only). 10
Shutterbug Shutterbug 0 Tag 25 enemies using the camera (Campaign only). 10
Two Birds Two Birds 0 Using a sniper rifle, kill 2 targets with a single shot (Campaign only). 10
Reign Of Death Reign Of Death 0 Kill 30 enemies with Mortar rounds (Campaign only). 10
From A Distance From A Distance 0 Kill a target from 60m or more with an arrow or bolt (Campaign only). 15
The Sky Is Falling The Sky Is Falling 0 Perform a takedown from a Buzzer (Campaign only). 15
Flame On! Flame On! 0 Kill 50 enemies with fire (Campaign only). 20
Drive-By Drive-By 0 Kill 25 enemies while shooting and driving (Campaign only). 15
The Good Fight The Good Fight 0 Reach Karma Level 2, and purchase any Guns For Hire upgrade (Campaign only). 10
Like A Bird Like A Bird 0 Fly 5000m total in the Wingsuit (Campaign only). 10
Roadkill Roadkill 0 Run over 25 people (Campaign only). 10
The People's Champ The People's Champ 0 Reach Arena Rank 5 (Campaign Arena only). 20
Renaissance Man Renaissance Man 0 Finish a public match of each game type in the Battles of Kyrat game mode (Battles of Kyrat only). 20
Community Surprise Community Surprise 0 Play a Top Rated map in the Map Browser (Map Browser only). 20

Secret Achievements

Welcome To Kyrat Welcome To Kyrat 0 Join the Golden Path (Campaign only). 20
One Down One Down 0 Decide De Pleur's fate (Campaign only). 50
Two Down Two Down 0 Decide Noore's fate (Campaign only). 50
Hat-Trick Hat-Trick 0 Decide Yuma's fate (Campaign only). 50
The King Is Dead The King Is Dead 0 Decide Pagan Min's fate (Campaign only). 100