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To the Moon and Beyond


To the Moon and Beyond

Following (0) Developer: IGOAL
Publisher: NASA Xbox Store: here Price: Free


In this single player card based game, you get to manage and build up your own space program. Your goal is to build all 8 mission critical objectives to safely send humans to the Moon and establish a permanent Moon habitat. You do this by determining what research to fund on the space station and what projects you want to fund back on Earth. Conducting research on the space station can reduce the cost of some projects or give you the ability to fund others. Results from the projects you fund determine your budget for the next year and get you closer to building your very own custom Rocket, Space Suit, Lunar Space Station, Moon Habitat, and more. Everything you do affects the outcome of your eight part program. But beware, events can happen that can influence that outcome. Will you be able to complete all of your eight mission objectives in four short years?

To the Moon and Beyond Features:
- Rocket
- Rover
- Lunar Space Station
- Moon Habitat
- Space Suit
- Return Vehicle
- Robot
- Landing Vehicle

Offline Players: 1
  • Dolby Digital
Online Multiplayer: NO

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