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Softstar Entertainment

Softstar Entertainment

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Company Name Softstar Entertainment

Games developed by Softstar Entertainment

Empire of Angels IV boxart for Xbox One

Empire of Angels IV

A shinning orb that none have seen appears in the Land of Asgard andblows out the peaceful days sustained for hundred years. Can Niya, the captain of Valkyrie Kingdom, become the savior of the world? Empire of Angels IV is a SLG with challenging puzz..

Platform: Xbox One

June 23, 2021

Richman 10 boxart for Xbox One

Richman 10

Richman 10 now is availiable on Xbox and Windows store! With exclusive Crossplatform network supported! GamePlay The game uses turn system, initially all players have certain deposits, cash, cards. The number of steps to move is determined by c..

Platform: Xbox One


Xuan Yuan Sword 7  boxart for Xbox One

Xuan Yuan Sword 7

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 is an action RPG with frenetic real-time combat, visceral 3D presentation and a rich cinematic narrative. It is a celebration of ancient China’s landscape, civilization and culture, infused with the mystique of its own legends in ..

Platform: Xbox One

September 30, 2021

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