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DR Studios

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Company Name DR Studios

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Battle Ages boxart for Xbox One

Battle Ages

Storm through history and conquer your enemies in this awesome combat strategy game! Progress from the dawn of mankind, build your civilisation, and lead it through thousands of years of advancement from the discovery of fire to the invention of the ..

Platform: Xbox One

April 20, 2016

Battle Islands boxart for Xbox One

Battle Islands

It’s 1942, and deep in the South Pacific your platoon of crack troops lands on a tropical island, but can you defeat enemy forces and hold your ground to fight another day? You’ll need to act quickly in this action-packed, WW2-themed battle strat..

Platform: Xbox One

October 9, 2015

Battle Islands: Commanders boxart for Xbox One

Battle Islands: Commanders

Battle Islands: Commanders hits Xbox One on February 14th. Dominate the battlefield! From the creators of the popular WWII strategy game, Battle Islands, comes an explosive head to head combat game!Take part in major WWII battles in Battle Islands: C..

Platform: Xbox One

February 14, 2017

Terraria boxart for Xbox One


​Terraria: The wildly popular, build-your-own-world adventure comes to Xbox One - unicorns and all. Dig, Fight, Explore, Build! The most extraordinary action-packed adventure is just a pickaxe swing away... Welcome to Terraria! Explore vast and ..

Platform: Xbox One

November 14, 2014

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