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Terraria: Journey’s End Available On PC - Console Update To Follow

Terraria: Journey’s End Available On PC - Console Update To Follow

Published: Friday, May 22, 2020Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox DLC

The 2D side scrolling adventure game has become a huge favourite for many since the initial release nearly a decade ago and has seen a number of changes throughout the update cycle it has went through - Journey’s End is said to be by the developers a huge labour of love and despite the initial delay as it was set to release last year, it has now fully released on the PC and as such will be the last official update it does receive.

Terraria: Journey’s End Available On PC - Console Update To Follow

The update is enormous - containing over 800 new items, new systems such as the happiness system for the NPC’s preventing players from stacking them in NPC prisons and rewarding them from diversifying where these NPCs are placed, new enemies and biomes and new weapons - this update will provide content for players for a long time yet to come. There is yet to be any official word on when the update will be ported across to console - it has already been confirmed that it won’t be released on older systems such as the XBOX 360, Nintendo 3DS etc. The update will eventually come to mobile as it remains a popular title despite a good sized list of non gamstop sites in other genres capitalising on the market - the expectation for consoles will likely be early next year for when the update does drop.

Fortunately for many fans this does not spell the end of the game - although this may be the last official update from the developers it will continue to have a long and healthy life as modding support was officially endorsed and the modding community continues to remain extremely healthy - from the addition of thousands of items, new bosses and maps as well as huge customisation features such as custom classes and ways to play the game - currently this modding support is also only on PC, but with the journeys end update the popular modding addon tModLoader will be integrated into the client as an optional download - this is good news for console players as in future it may also be possible for modding support to come to the game there, further increasing the longevity of the game on other platforms - but the official stance on modding support also changes much more as it may become a new opportunity for other studios to see the value in wide scale modding support, this is already evident with huge titles such as Skyrim which has managed to remain a successful game in the same decade long timeframe largely thanks to modding.

Terraria: Journey’s End Screenshot

Given the huge widespread success and popularity of Terraria, it may not be long before we see a new offering from indie company Re-Logic, there has been no word on any future developments that they may be working on but as they have been fully committed to working on Terraria - evident by the huge size of the newest update - that isn’t at all surprising. Given the success, however, many are expecting the studios next possible release to be another hit.

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