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Terraria Achievements

Full list of Terraria achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Terraria has 39 achievements worth 1290 gamerscore

Terraria Expert Terraria Expert 0 You have completed the tutorial! 5
Terraria Student Terraria Student 0 You have begun the tutorial! 5
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home 0 The Guide has moved in! 50
All in the Family All in the Family 0 Every NPC has moved in! 25
Rock Bottom Rock Bottom 0 You have reached the bottom of the World! 25
Exterminator Exterminator 0 You have defeated every boss! 75
Slimer Slimer 0 You have killed every type of slime! 25
Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted 0 You have unlocked Hard Mode! 25
Maxed Out Maxed Out 0 You have the maximum health and mana! 40
Corruptible Corruptible 0 Your World is Corrupt! 25
Hallowed Be Thy Name Hallowed Be Thy Name 0 Your World is Hallowed! 25
Ophthalmologist Ophthalmologist 0 You have defeated The Twins! 40
Bona Fide Bona Fide 0 You have defeated Skeletron Prime! 40
Ride the Worm Ride the Worm 0 You have defeated The Destroyer! 40
Marathon Runner Marathon Runner 0 You have traveled over 42km on the ground! 50
Landscaper Landscaper 0 You have removed more than 10,000 blocks! 40
Crowd Control Crowd Control 0 You have defeated the Goblin Army! 40
Survivor Survivor 0 You survived the first night! 25
Icarus Icarus 0 You can only go down from here! 25
Vanity of Vanities Vanity of Vanities 0 Looking good! 15
Pet Hoarder Pet Hoarder 0 You seem to like pets. 25
Be Prepared Be Prepared 0 You are ready for battle! 40
Airtime! Airtime! 0 Enjoy the view. 25
Blacksmith Blacksmith 0 You are a master smith! 40
I'm Smelting! I'm Smelting! 0 You have smelted 10,000 bars of metal! 50
A Knight in Shining Armors A Knight in Shining Armors 0 You have obtained every type of armor. 40
Engineer Engineer 0 You have placed 100 wires! 25
Red Moon Rises Red Moon Rises 0 You have survived the Blood Moon! 25
Crafty Crafty 0 You have used every crafting station! 50
To Hell and Back To Hell and Back 0 You have gone to The Underworld and back without dying! 40

Terraria: Journey's End Title Update

There are 3 achievements with a total of 110 points.

Fae Flayer Fae Flayer 0 The Empress of Light did not blind you! 40
Infinity +1 Sword Infinity +1 Sword 0 With the Zenith in your hands, nothing can stand in your way! 50
Dead Men Tell No Tales Dead Men Tell No Tales 0 They say dead men don’t bite, but that chest sure did! 20

Terraria - Don't Starve Together Title Update

There are 3 achievements with a total of 90 points.

Just Desserts Just Desserts 0 Queen Slime has been dethroned! 40
Boots of the Hero Boots of the Hero 0 You have obtained the Terraspark Boots! 25
Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen! 0 You have encountered a fairy! 25

Terraria: Labor of Love Title Update

There are 3 achievements with a total of 90 points.

An Eye For An Eye An Eye For An Eye 0 You defeated Deerclops without batting an eye! 40
Feast of Midas Feast of Midas 0 Delightful! You have obtained the Golden Delight! 25
Unusual Survival Strategies Unusual Survival Strategies 0 Drink water, don't drown. Who knew?! 25