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Nacon Revolution X Controller

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Nacon Revolution X Controller

Manufacturer: Nacon
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Engineered with quality components and thoughtful design, this is no mere gamepad. The Revolution X controller delivers notably superior performance during competitive play, offering over 40 customization options both physical and via a dedicated App, ensuring the controller adapts to the gamer.

The Revolution X takes control to the next level, allowing players to swap out key physical components to suit their play style or choice of game, stacking these features on top of the standard features expected on a typical controller. Both thumb sticks are fully adjustable and easily removed to offer a range of interchangeable concave and convex options. On the rear of the controller, four shortcut buttons are fully programmable, providing easy access to otherwise complex in-game instructions. Like it light or have it heavy, with the Revolution X, the choice is yours thanks to the removable weight system concealed in the textured hand grips, allowing for the perfect controller experience sans fatigue.

The NACON Revolution X controller is available now for $99.99 across North America.

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