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NACON Rig 800 Pro Wireless Headset

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NACON Rig 800 Pro Wireless Headset

Manufacturer: Nacon
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With an all-new multifunction base station, the 800 PRO provides gamers with a lag-free wireless connection as well as seamless charging. The base station also comes equipped with a removeable USB wireless adaptor that can be plugged directly into a console, allowing the stand to be placed anywhere for convenient charging.

Alongside the base station, the 800 PRO also features RIG signature premium audio with powerful 40mm drivers that have been precisely tuned for 3D audio. Available in two models, the 800 PRO HS is designed for PlayStation while the RIG 800 PRO HX is officially licensed for Xbox and includes DolbyAtmos for Headphones. Gamers can experience three-dimensional precision audio by simply connecting the dock or USB wireless adaptor to the Xbox console.

The Rig 800 Pro Wireless Headset is available for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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