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Apocalyptic survival horror game DayZ is now available on Xbox Game Preview

Apocalyptic survival horror game DayZ is now available on Xbox Game Preview

Published: Monday, September 03, 2018Tagged: Xbox Game Preview, Gaming, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Store

Bohemia Interactive's open world survival video game DayZ (@DayZ) is available now on Xbox Game Preview.


DayZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, in which you follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can. There are no superficial tips, waypoints, built in tutorials or help given to players. In DayZ, every decision matters, there are no save games, no extra lives, every mistake can be lethal. If you fail, you lose everything and you need to play again from the beginning with nothing but your wits, and your two hands. Fight the hostile environment, where every other player can be friend or foe and nothing can be taken for granted.

Up to 60 players on a server engage in a completely unscripted, emergent gameplay scenario with a single goal: to survive as long as possible in a vast, unforgiving wasteland. Fear of the unknown, lasting friendships, and heartbreaking betrayals – this is DayZ, this is your story.

Developed and published by Bohemia Interactive, DayZ is available via Xbox Game Preview for $39.99.

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Price: $39.99
File Size: 8.93 GB
Microsoft Store: here
Official Site:

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