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This is how Xbox One X looks in front of PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

This is how Xbox One X looks in front of PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

Published: Wednesday, October 10, 2018Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Hardware, Xbox One, Xbox One X

Xbox One X is the new console from Microsoft, we can forget about preliminary names like Scorpio, and we started to focus on the possibilities that a device with 6 teraflops of graphic power can offer. I am clear that the fight of video game consoles is not going to win with the quality of textures, drawing distance or 4K resolution, but it is a reality that the better you see, the better versions of games you will have, or better games exclusive can be obtained.

This is how Xbox One X looks in front of PS4 Pro and Xbox One S: it is the most powerful console ever created

Not only is the console more powerful, it is also the smallest Xbox, and also has a great design, which drinks from the lines used in the fantastic Xbox S.

The logic says that if you are a monster as big as Microsoft or Sony, and you have to remove a console on that date, it will always be more powerful than the previous one presented ( if we do not think of Nintendo). This is the role that Xbox One X plays and we have no doubt that it will be like that.

When I talk about "trick" I mean the scaling system that is using PS4 Pro, called Checkerboard rendering, to upscale the games to 4K. Microsoft states that their console works in 4K resolution natively, but I have my doubts that I can move 4K at 60 images per second at the highest levels of quality. If we trust the teraflops, it is clear that the new Xbox is a marvel. A quick comparison: the Nvidia GTX 1080Ti of more than 800 dollars offers 11.3 teraflops. However money certainly shouldn't be a problem in this “online era” as we can find financial solutions with just a few clicks. Read more if you want to find out.

Going into more specific data, the console uses a new GPU designed by AMD for the occasion, more personalized than in previous Xbox consoles. Microsoft still thinks that its "console" with Windows 10 should have UHD Blu-Ray support; it will become one of the most interesting players of this standard, while Sony still does not think about making the jump. The extra power of Xbox One X will allow you to get your hands on a series of more demanding games, with native 4K resolution

Another advance that Microsoft have implemented for the first time in a console, and which we want to expand information, is the system of steam chamber cooled by liquid, which as you can imagine will serve to cool the One X.

Xbox’s backward compatibility

We also have to highlight that the more than 300 Xbox One titles are compatible - also the peripherals and accessories - and improved by the new machine. As a novelty we must say that the first Xbox enters the game of compatibility. 70 current Xbox One X games will be updated to get the most out of the Xbox One X. Microsoft presumes that you do not have to work with a patch like in PS4 Pro and the change will be automatic, always taking into account limits. The Xbox One X is now a reality. The most interesting, regardless of specifications, Forza 7 has already demonstrated that 4K can be done at 60 images per second!

Games play better on Xbox One X.

Buy the Xbox One X, with more power thanks to the new Scorpio engine, it now offers a true 4k gaming experience. Check out some of our own exclusive Xbox One X gameplay recorded in 4K Ultra HD definition.

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