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HITMAN 2 Mumbai Pack Is Now Available For Xbox One ($11.99)

HITMAN 2 Mumbai Pack Is Now Available For Xbox One ($11.99)

Published: Tuesday, August 27, 2019Tagged: Gaming, Xbox DLC, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store,

The Mumbai Pack for HITMAN 2 (@HITMAN) is now available on Xbox One.

HITMAN 2 Mumbai Pack

The HITMAN 2 Mumbai Pack provides full access to all permanent and future content in the Hawke's Bay and Mumbai locations, as well as access to the Himmelstein Sniper Assassin map! If you enjoy the Mumbai Pack, you can also upgrade to the full HITMAN 2 experience at a reduced cost.

Weighing in at 27.15 GB, The HITMAN 2 Mumbai Pack is available to download on Xbox for $11.99, € 11,99, £9.59, AU$17.95.

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Microsoft Store: here
File Size: 27.15 GB
Price: $11.99, € 11,99, £9.59, AU$17.95

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