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Tomb Raider's 25th Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off Today

Tomb Raider's 25th Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off Today

Published: Tuesday, February 02, 2021Tagged: Gaming, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics today kicked off a year-long 25th anniversary celebration of TOMB RAIDER, the iconic videogame series that debuted in October 1996. Be one of the first to access the 25th anniversary website!

Tomb Raider's 25th Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off Today

Tomb Raider’s star, famous archeologist-adventurer Lara Croft, has become a powerful force in the gaming industry and beyond, and has made an indelible mark on virtually every facet of entertainment. From being named an ambassador for scientific excellence to appearing live on tour with U2, Lara Croft has touched the lives of tens of millions of people around the world. With over 30 video game titles released and hundreds of awards, the heroine has been a cultural icon for 25 years on gaming screens and Hollywood silver screens alike, battling T-Rexes, unearthing ancient artifacts, and saving the world from an apocalypse or two. Lara has had adventures in dozens of countries, explored the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Andaman Seas, ventured to Antarctica and the Arctic Circle, and rediscovered Atlantis and the lost island of Yamatai.

Tomb Raider’s year-long celebration of its 25th anniversary will feature in-depth explorations of the major games released in the franchise, including nostalgic media deep from the archives, developer interviews, community activities, live playthroughs, and more. Over the coming months, developer Crystal Dynamics will re-visit the lineup of major Tomb Raider games, focusing on one game each month. Fans of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft can look forward to additional franchise announcements over the course of the year.

Tomb Raider games are currently available on all modern gaming platforms, from PC to console, Stadia, and mobile. Fans can access the 25th anniversary webpage at

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