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Should You Be Jumping Into Destiny 2 In 2021?

Should You Be Jumping Into Destiny 2 In 2021?

Published: Tuesday, February 02, 2021Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One

The year 2020 proved to be quite the time for Destiny 2 to make its much-awaited comeback. Apart from the success of Beyond Light and its release on next-gen consoles, Destiny has become one of the top-selling games on Steam. And with new Strikes soon to come, 2021 is going to be an awesome year for Guardians across the world. Still, considering if you should consider playing the game? Well, here are a few things to take note of before buying Destiny 2 this year.

Should You Be Jumping Into Destiny 2 In 2021?

The state of game

The current state of Destiny 2 is at the end of Season of Hunt. But fret not, because seasonal content will now be available for the whole year. Not only will this allow players to experience and play through the free-to-play campaign, retrieve Crow, but also farm and attain the newer weapons and gear.

Needless to say, if you do decide to get into Destiny 2, you will become part of possibly the best new player sequences the videogame world can offer. With the expansion of Cosmodrome, the area has become the next dedicated area for tutorials and beginner quests. Even better, the tutorial quests now allow newbies to get comfortable with the game’s mechanics and overarching system.

As for returning players, you will likely notice the world has become quite small. This is mainly due to the removal of Mars, Titan, Io, and Mercury, and placed into the Destiny Content Vault. While their return is speculated, players from across the globe can benefit from a smaller download size despite recently receiving one of its largest expansions.

Stasis-related concerns

Destiny 2’s introduction of the new Stasis subclasses have proven to be great additions to the game. But, although they can be fun to try out in PvE, these classes are dominating the PvP scene. The entirety of Stasis-related skills and abilities are exceptionally powerful. Even the dedicated Crucible players are being seen spamming Stasis abilities, thus, significantly plummeting Destiny’s gunplay.

Stasis has introduced a number of issues to the game. However, the worst problem is that Stasis renders light-based subclasses utterly useless. Stasis-based grenades are capable of freezing the enemy irrespective of their Solar maul or Nova Bomb status.

Moving on, the Stasis abilities are simply superior to all light-based subclasses. The average stasis grenade can score two to three kills, while Stasis supers tend to last almost twice as long. Even worse, Stasis melees have the tendency to freeze numerous enemies simultaneously. Considering these disgustingly overpowered abilities, Bungie has sprung into action and is continuing to nerf some of the abilities. Shadebinder received a nerf this season, while Revenant’s Shatterdive ability and Stasis grenade were also significantly nerfed. Seeing the meta shift once again, it is evident that Bungie is aiming to bring light-based classes on par with Stasis and its versatility.

Trouble with Sunsetting

Having seen the issues regarding Stasis, another major concern with current Destiny 2 is sunsetting. This term mainly refers to the players being prevented from equipping and using legendary weapons and gear into the new content. Nevertheless, sunsetting has always been a controversial aspect for the players. Bungie does justify the mechanic by stating how old weapons need to be retired in order to make room for newer additions.

However, Bungie removed a huge chunk of Destiny’s weaponry without the addition of new weapons to cover it all up. Thus, leaving behind countless gaping holes. Furthermore, if you’re amongst the players who have not played the game since early 2020, you are prone to notice the absence of all old standbys. Even the likes of Recluse, Wendigo, Beloved, Spare Rations, and Mindbender’s, sadly, had to bite the dust.

Future Content

With the chaos Stasis has induced onto Destiny’s PvP scene, Bungie has finally considered the community’s feedback about looting. Therefore, you can expect some drastic changes with the release of Season 13. Bungie has also revealed the addition of new ritual weapons, as well as new legendary weapons taken from Destiny 1’s arsenal.

Looking further into the near future, Bungie will likely bring forth the transmog system, enabling guardians to convert armor into ornaments. But best of all, players will get to play The Witch Queen expansion by fall this year.

Well, what are you waiting for? Destiny 2 is at an all-time high and not joining the community will surely be a loss. Furthermore, be sure to check out Eldorado if you want some good deals for Destiny 2 accounts.

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