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Exclusive Far Cry 4 Xbox One Multiplayer Outpost Gameplay

Exclusive Far Cry 4 Xbox One Multiplayer Outpost Gameplay

Published: Sunday, January 04, 2015Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Live, Xbox One

Check out some of the action you can expect from Far Cry 4's multiplayer outpost mode on Xbox One with this exclusive gameplay in Full HD 1080p.

In Outpost mode players must fight for control of the outpost to win. It's Soldiers vs. Hunters! The Rakshasa attack with bows and are invisible on the defending teams map as long as they keep the Bell Tower disabled. With the Bell tower disabled the Rakshasa are invisible when crouching and you only see a blur as they move around making it very difficult to shoot. Instead of grenades, the Rakshasa have birds and other animals like elephants, bears and tigers to protect and help them. The Golden Path soldiers need to keep the Bell Tower enabled and defend the outpost and are armed with all sorts of military weapons.

This Far Cry 4 gameplay was taken from the Xbox One version of the game using an ELGATO USB capture device. If you'd like to see more FAR CRY 4 Xbox One gameplay videos, please leave a comment on our official XONEHQ YouTube channel or via the Xbox One Forums right here on XONEHQ and don't forget to subscribe via Google+, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook!

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