The Escapists Comes To Xbox One and PC This Week

The Escapists Comes To Xbox One and PC This Week

Published: Tuesday, February 10, 2015Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Store, Xbox One,

Mouldy Toof's award-winning sandbox prison escape game "The Escapists" is coming to Xbox One and PC on Friday 13th February.

The Escapist Xbox One

A strategy game of captive survival and daring schemes, The Escapists gives you the 'freedom' to live the life of a prison inmate, plotting and pulling off a daring escape!

Escaping won't be easy though. You'll have to work around the strict prison schedule and avoid the unwanted attention of guards. Craft weapons and tools found (or stolen) from within the prison, but beware of cell shakedowns. Get a job or perform “favours" for your fellow inmates to purchase vital supplies, all while scouting escape routes.

All that stands between you and freedom is a perfectly executed escape plan. It’s Make or Break Time.

The Escapists features:
  • 6 unique prisons to escape – from the minimal security of Center Perks to the harsh confines of the Stalag Flucht POW camp.
  • 6 different methods to bust your way out including digging out and prison takeovers!
  • 10 prison jobs to earn you some vital escape funds.
  • Crafting system. Gather the necessary items you’ll need to craft items for your escape plan. Craft tools such as Cutters, Shovels, Sheet Ropes and weapons such as the Sock Mace, Comb Blade or Cup of Molten Chocolate!
  • Around 200 items to find including 50+ craftable items

The Escapists
will be available for digital download on the 13th February for Xbox One via the Xbox Games Store for just £14.99 / 17,99 € / $19.99 with a 10% launch discount available for one month for Gold members.  While PC owners will be able to pick up the game via Steam for just £12.99 / 14,99 € / $17.99 with a 25% launch discount available for the first week.

Until then, check out the official The Escapists launch trailer.

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Price:$19.99 USD, £14.99 GBP, $26.95 AUD
Xbox Games Store: here
Xbox One Games: The Escapists

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